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What should I do? [View All]

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Deja Q Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-08-05 05:55 PM
Original message
Poll question: What should I do?
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I have a lot of cc debt I've been paying back. But I still owe a LOT (about the national average and I've been working hard...)

But I won't be paid off for another 22 months.

Judging by current conditions and assuming no other circumstances occur, I will have 4~6 months before I am made "redundant". Less than 2 to basically and utterly "cure" myself of Asperger's or I will receive a demotion, which will ensure my necessity for filing chapter 13 anyway.

I have also been diagnosed with PTSD and GAD in the past; the only reason I got my current job is because of experience with an arcane product they used at the time. (Subsequent attempts at me trying for a position left me anxious and unable to respond to questions.)

I have been correctly diagnosed as having Asperger's, making things more difficult. (a friend thinks my personality variance is due to my having a higher IQ and other things. And she is not a doctor... nor would she listen as to why I had been given that diagnosis; which makes more and more sense every day as I recall more of my past...)

The job market is nil anyway.

Unlike most people, I value my possessions more than people because the majority of people in my life have been abusive or cruel. I can't even begin to describe the reality behind this, but just accept... just accept I am incompatible with your society. My personality intimidates people and also makes them think I am wellfully selfish. (self-centered, yes, and I don't even know I am... but that's part of Asperger's, I'd discovered.)

Worst of all is my general health; which I've mentioned so many times that DU has put up a "no medical discussion" rule. O8)

Of course, I know that I'm going to lose everything once I lose my job. And I had worked damn hard. I've already started option 2 as I know there's just no way and I'm not going to get help or assistance..., but give me a reason that option 1 is the better one and I'll do an instant 180.

So what do I do, and please be honest. I've endured far worse in my life. With the utmost sincerity: Thank you.

Option 1:
Try to pay back what you can. The fact you're in counseling, paying it back, and have money in retirement acct will help if not come close to paying it all back and avoiding bankruptcy when the time comes. I can return two items and reduce my debt $650 (about one month's payment.)

Option 2:
Spend now, live now, because there truly is no tomorrow.

Sorry, polls are turned off at Level 3.

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