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Fuck in any language [View All]

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MrScorpio Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-10-05 04:18 PM
Original message
Fuck in any language
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▪ Afrikaans: fok, naai, steek ("fok my", "fok jou", "ek het haar genaai")
▪ Albanian: qi ("qifsha" when used in sentences)
▪ Amharic: tebeda
▪ Arabic, Egyptian: neek (as in "Ha-neek koss ommak" = "I'll fuck your mother's pussy")
▪ Armenian: kunel
▪ Bosnian: jebati (to fuck)
▪ Bulgarian: еба (eba)
▪ Chinese (Cantonese): diu (屌, but often denoted as the character 小 inside the character 門 . Pronounced like "dew" in English)
▪ Chinese (Mandarin/Putonghua):
1 diao 屌 Also refers to penis, esp. in Northern China; means "cool", "awesome" in Taiwan.
2 cao 肏/操 肏 pronounced "tsaau" and 操 pronounced "tsou")
▪ Chinese (Taiwanese) also known as Minnanese: gan, (used more by native speakers of Taiwanese, it occurs in the expression "Gan lin nia!" which means, "Fuck your mother!" or "Gan lin tzo gon!" which means "Fuck your ancestors")
▪ Catalan: follar, cardar, fotre
▪ Cebuano: iyot
▪ Croatian: jebati; fukati (probably borrowed from English); karati (literally, to scold)
▪ Czech: pchat (literally "to thrust", used as a slang word for "to copulate"); ukat, oustat, mrdat (all three vulgar, to have sex , to fuck); kurva! (vulgar, literally "bitch", used as an expletive)
▪ Danish: kneppe or knalde like the Norwegian word. Pule is known but rarely used.
▪ Dutch: neuken (also, the Dutch verb fokken, meaning to breed animals, usually for pedigree)
▪ Esperanto: fiki
▪ Estonian: nikkuma, nussima, keppima
▪ Filipino: kantot
▪ Finnish: vittu (Curseword, "Voi vitun vittu!!"="Fucking fuck!!", literal meaning of "vittu" is "cunt") nussia (verb, to fuck) Haista vittu! (Fuck you!) Literally go smell a cunt
▪ French: baiser (to have sex with); foutre (dismissive: "Va te faire foutre!" meaning "Go screw yourself!"; "Fous le camp!" meaning "Fuck off!" or "Shove aside!"), nique (As in "nique ta mre!" meaning "fuck your mother!") or simply putain (as in "Putain!" meaning "Fuck!")
▪ French (Quebec): fourrer (literally, to stuff); the adjective fuck, a borrowing, means broken or out of luck, and is not especially profane. See sacre.
▪ Galician: foder
▪ Georgian: მოტყნვა; mot'q'nva (fuck)
▪ German: ficken (to have sex with, pronounced like fucken, just with a short e instead of the u) 1
▪ Greek: gamao, gamo, gamisi; Γαμάω, Γαμώ, Γαμήσι ("g" pronounced softly, as a voiced velar fricative)
▪ Gujarati: chod ("Ch" as in check & "d" is pronounced softly)
▪ Hebrew: "lezayen", from noun "zayin", which is a slang word for the penis
▪ Hindi: chod चोद "Ch" as in check & "d" is pronounced softly)
▪ Hungarian: baszni
▪ Icelandic: ra (pronounced "ree-tha" with a soft th-sound, literally: to ride)
▪ Indonesian: ngentot
▪ Italian: fottere, scopare, trombare
▪ Japanese: fuzakeru 2, yaru "to do, to give, to have sex with" くたばれ, kutabare, "To die, to have sex with"
▪ Kannada: kay-yi
▪ Korean: "ssi-bal" 씨발, pronounced like the English words "she ball"
▪ Latvian: pist
▪ Latin: abitarene
▪ Lithuanian: pisti
▪ Malay: puki (likely an adoption of fuck) or pukimak (likely an adoption of motherfucker) or celaka (bastard) kotek 3
▪ Malayalam: Punn
▪ Maori: onioni
▪ Marathi: झव,Zav
▪ Nepali: chiknu (verb, pronounced chicknu'चिक्नु')
▪ Norwegian: knulle, pule
▪ Persian: گاییدن ga-yee-dan
▪ Piers: "Đụ mẹ coh-bra-dawg
▪ Polish: jebać (pronounced yebatch), Pierdolić (pronounced pee-erdolitch), kurwa (pronounced koorva, used as an interjection)
▪ Portuguese: foder (or comer subjectively used, because it means "to eat"; in Northern Portugal pinar ou montar is also used; in Brazil fuder is commonly seen)
▪ Romanian: a fute
▪ Russian: yebat <ебать> (transitive), yebatsa <ебаться> (intransitive). Tom Clancy, in The Bear and the Dragon, has one Russian character use the phrase "Yob tvoyu maht!" (translated: I Fucked your mother)
▪ Samoan: mea This is not used as a swear word but is not used in polite company. Other anatomical and physiological words are used as swear words but not "mea" or any other related word.
▪ Serbian: јебати (jebati), карати (karati)
▪ Slovak: jebať, drbať
▪ Spanish: Follar
▪ Argentina: coger (this same verb in Spain and other countries means "to grab")
▪ Chile: culear
▪ Colombia: pichar or tirar (the last one means "to throw" in most other Spanish-speaking countries)
▪ Cuba: singar similar to mexican chingar
▪ Ecuador: tirar, culear, pegarse un palo, pegarse un polvo (meaning "to take a dust" in most other countries)
▪ Mexico: chingar(e.g. "Chinga tu madre", "Fuck your mother"), joder (e.g. "No me jodas", "Don't fuck with me"), also vergar (translatable as "to dick")
▪ Peru: cachar, tirar and, less so, culear
▪ Spain: joder (usually as an all-purpose expletive, can be accompanied by other expletives) or follar
▪ Swedish: knulla
▪ Tamil: Oatha which means "Fucker", pundala okka which means "Fuck her", Thai Oli which means Mother fucker, okkala oli which means "Sister fucker"
▪ Telugu: Dengu
▪ Thai: เย็ด yet (to fuck), เย็ดแม่ yet mae or แม่ง maeng (fuck your mother) 4 <6>
▪ Turkish: sikmek (Pronounced "seek-make"), dzmek, siktir (="fuck off")
▪ Urdu: چودنا (verb), chod("Ch" as in check & "d" is pronounced softly)
▪ Vietnamese: đụ or đo
▪ Example: "Đụ mẹ my!" or "Đo m my!" (insulting words similar to "motherfucker", where 'mẹ' is pronounced meh and 'my' is pronounced may)
▪ Yiddish: shtupn שטופּן (literally "to stuff")
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