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Reply #26: I said suicide - not melodramatic at all [View All]

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Bundbuster Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-26-04 10:26 PM
Response to Reply #19
26. I said suicide - not melodramatic at all
Before any of you flame and bury me with the "You need to get help" routine, understand that I would NEVER suggest such an option for ANYONE else. Everyone's situation is completely unique, and I would never be so presumptuous as to try to steer their moral or spiritual compass. The old "Walk a mile in my shoes" concept applies here.

I've heard many folks declaring that should bushCorp somehow gain another 4 years of power, they would HAVE TO leave the country, unable to bear the consequences of such a scenario. For me, it goes way beyond that, and I am unfortunately unable to emmigrate. Starting in the '60's I vehemently fought most of the battles we're going through with the PNAC Dominionist Fundie Corporista Class-Warfare Starve-the-Beast Warmongering powerbrokers today: Civil Rights, Wars of Imperialism, Corporate criminality, rampant materialism, Gay Rights, Racism....For many older DUers who endured those "campaigns," there is an extra measure of angst now because we perhaps assumed that such critical battles would not need be fought AGAIN in our lifetimes, especially with an even harsher level of hate, intolerance, and amorality woven into our born-again opponents.

For the last 3 years and especially now, the realization that ONE HALF of Americans actually support the most flagrantly corrupt and anti-humanist cabal of my lifetime is a neverending nightmare. I have to brace myself simply to enter any public settings, knowing that HALF of the people who I encounter support and enable the evils of bushCorp. Most people have the enviable ability to turn down or filter their sensitivity to such depressing realities - I never could, and find it even harder now.

My life circumstances are private and unique to me, but suffice it to say that under another 4 years (and the longer-term manifestations) of this junta and their corporate-religious allies, I would bear the full brunt of ALL of their satanic social and political policies, short of personally fighting in their next invasion of choice. I have no children or grandchildren, and most of my immediate family has been polarized into an uncomfortable truce of silence by AWOL's relentless politics of division. Another 4 years would surely render a previously close and communicative family into just a painful yearning of what once was.

I'm thankful for having already experienced and accomplished more than I'd ever dreamed of, and am always "closed" with those whom I love and also with myself (will never draw my last breath thinking "I wish I'd tried that, I wish I'd told him/her how much I care"). I have always believed that the quality of one's life is infinitely more important than its longevity, and that an unending nightmare is no life to live. For most of you, the reality of another 4 years of bushCorp is NOT an unbearble nightmare, and I have the highest respect for your dedication to whatever battles must be fought.

Again, before flaming me please remember that all of us have very different and unique life circumstances. And please understand that anyone who knows me would probably tell you that I'm the most "sane" person around. For me, America's decision to embrace or reject the policies of bush & Co. is far more than a political statement - it's either an attempt to recapture our decency, or a willful dive into the abyss of unbridled amorality.

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