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The Scoop/Diebold UBERPOST: Ratings and Rantings from the South Pacific [View All]

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althecat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-26-03 04:45 AM
Original message
The Scoop/Diebold UBERPOST: Ratings and Rantings from the South Pacific
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WARNING... OK.. me main man Utunga will kill me for doing this but the following is a bit of a blurt.

1. We need a new media monitoring thread... the old one is getting too long. is now so long that it would probably be easier if someone created a post with Diebold Media Monitoring Thread and called it number (1) so we can all navigate this a bit easier..


The Scoop/Diebold UBERPOST: Ratings and Rantings from the South Pacific


HEYDU!!!!!! and Bev...
HEYDU!!!!!! and Bev...
HEYDU!!!!!! and Bev...
HEYDU!!!!!! and Bev...
HEYDU!!!!!! and Bev...

Downunder reporting in...

Firstly big ups to the Washpost.

Is a good story. And lets be having dozens of followups answering the questions posed.

But bouquets aside.

"Rubin was able to get the computer code through a fluke. The code was initially posted on a public Internet site and downloaded by concerned activists this year. Rubin and two doctoral students began analyzing the code this summer."

Fluke!!!!! And activists!!! Some people!!!!

There has been so much work done by so many people on this... and they call it a fluke. Morevover I am not an activist. And nor is Bev methinks, leastways half of her isn't.

Bev e is a tenacious investigative journalist with a soul of pure gold on the trail of the most important story since eve told adam he had no clothes on.

I imagine that statside you will all be waking up soon...

Please DUers, if you will, indulge me this post. I promise from here on in - if you let me stay - to confine myself to a briefer form of discourse.

But today is a special day. A triumphant day. And I have a lot to say.


Consider yourself introduced to the DIEBOLD UBERPOST.... there is much more....









DU Rocks. Bev Rocks. The Internet Rocks......

I may be blowing my own trumpet a bit (touch wood) but I reckon this is the Internet news coup of the decade. Matt Drudge's scoop on Lewinsky is the last thing that would come close. When I saw the story in the NYT I started levitating. We have all waited so long for this story to finally move into the mainstream of the media flow. Greg Palast's outstanding work has even found it hard. But with Greg's solid gains over the past year I reckon the time is now ripe for this story to finally do what it always should have done, become the No. 1. political issue in America. The integrity of the voting system. Afterall without a voting system you can trust what good is democracy?

And when the dust finally settles Bev ought to have a pulitzer or 10 for this...... because if you listen very closely you can hear those walls are now a tumbling down....


About here the DIEBOLD UBERPOST starts to get a bit technical... but fear not there is much more of the like of the above ... and lots of comments about how great DU is at the end..



I would like to draw your attention to another link you haven't had up in the previous thread that I've seen so far.

Bev's story is lead feature story with, Greg Palast's serial on Florida no.2 and Washington Post third..

This is the perfect place to be on this page. And this is the perfact page.

It is a very authoritative page in Internet terms and Google terms because it is so old... And because it is the source of the introduced headlines that are assigned to the top rating yahoo news pages.

We now want 1. more links on this page - much more. And 2. we want this page to start to rock, with a link to it from the front of Yahoo - which is when this page will start to weave its special kind of magic.



I also have a couple of requests for people to carry out to help. The next but of the DIEBOLD UBERPOST concerns a few objectives that are worth achieving plus a long discursive discussion of how much Bev has been read so far. And how far we have to go.... which is, a very long way.


The No.1 News Page in the internet world.

My prayer for the day from a net exposure POV is now to get

Linked on the Front of yahoo... /

in the "In The News" section..

This should not be too hard. They often use this space to link to Full Coverage Pages...
So lets ask them nicely and see if they oblige.

You can ask them to do this here...

Legitimately it is one of the top three global stories now methinks.

Once a conduit to Yahoo Traffic Central is opened Bev will then start to get several hundred people reading her story each hour. Up from
around 200,300 presently.

At present Buzzflash are doing a great job as are who rock seriously. If you are watching thanks people.

And Symbolman.Takebackthemedia could do big things with this.

Everybody else... the objective now is to BLOG POST AND EMAIL... everywhere..

Bev's last scoop..

Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

Has, as of about six hours ago, received 89,346 views on Scoop, Whatreallyhappened & (see stats below).

And it has been linked all over the planet. I would think it must have reached at least a half a million people maybe more.

As Ali G. Would say, "check it..."

What this means is that we have a long way to go. 10s of millions of people have now read Diebold's retractions and fumbling.

We want to reach these people with the real deal. It will realistically take the "established media" a long time to catch up. And it is our job to blaze the trail so they can find their way.



We want Bev's Scoop to climb the BLOGDEX, POPDEX and DAYPOP - all the way to the top.

These are all hugely influential, both in influencing traffic, and probably more importantly, in getting the
wider media, independent and turncoat alike alert. And this is something we can achieve. Do you know any bloggers. Send them a line or 10.

Those interested in the anatomy of internet traffic spikes should have a close look at

It contains links to the BLOG MONITOR archives for the big one.. Bev's last scoop.

The data on the bottom of this page is real interesting and a huge number of the links are to DU discussion threads.
(tip: You can find these by viewing the page source.)



(This bit turns into a bit of a rave so jump to objective 4 if you already know all about Google Prison and think it childish. It also turns into a bit of a skite if you follow the links - so sorry in advance for any conceit you may encounter.)

Google Google Google, where to start.

We need to stick Diebold in Google Prison. It will be there soon. In Google news it already is there,


For newbies to the term,

Google prison is when if someone searches for your name or a common term - like AWOL - then
they will find a damning indictment of your sliminess.

For example there is

A particularly unpleasant individual who seems to be a fascist no matter which way you look.

Here are some more familiar examples involving the Chimp
Don't you love independent media online! Thank God for the internet.

Meanwhile the chimp himself is almost behind bars

It looks as though executive office is the only thing that has saved him so far.

But back to the objective Diebold should already be sunk on the basis of the massive response to Bev's first Scoop.

Again the technique for achiveing this objective is the same


At present in the Google court Bev's 12 November Story "Scoop: Diebold - The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering" Is presently on Diepold Google Page 2.

So to recap, as soon as a Diebold Security flaw story tops this page then Diebold will be behind bars... (I.E. Google Diebold Page 1)

And once there they Where they will join the likes of the Columbian bioterrorists and Bosnian sex slavers CSC DYNCORP.

(I would like at this point in the UBERPOST to pay a small tribute to Catherine Austin Fitts who introduced me to the concept of Google Prison. Google prison is useful as a means of assessing Google's integrity. If it starts suddenly to set all manner of evil-doers free then we will know it has been got to.


Meanwhile... back to the UBERPOST...

--- Did I mention that you can now read Bigger Than Watergate in German.

Schlamm Bericht #154 - Grer als Watergate!

Many thanks to Daniel Patrick Welch.. A true patriot whom you can find very well - like all good things with Google.



The current stats on overal ratings on Scoop are..

Pages Exposure %Total Views
1. Inside the Black Box 76122 9.88
2.Bigger than watergate 54565 7.08
3.Bald Lies 8743 1.13
5.Blackboxvoting mirror of inside us vote 6723 0.87
6.What mirror of inside us vote 6501 0.84
7. What mirror of inside vote 5595


I will update these periodically here so we can see how we are doing.

The important point to note from these stats (as aluded to above) is that we have a long way to go to reach even half the people online that were reached with the first story let alone the millions who read the papers today.

Meanwhile Bev's latest story:

"Voting Machines Blasted by Scientists, Hacked by Author"

On scoop anyway has only recieved around 10,000 views so far.. While this is good,it is a long way off 89,000 views. Hence the request re Yahoo..

Bev has also posted it to 8000 media outlets I understand. But they will do nothing unless the public are banging on their doors making them do something.

Bev's latest contains much more damning, much more important, and a far bigger clue as to where this story is going than all the 200+ and stories about this in Google News. At present the latst Diebold line is that the CE Operating system is the reason the machines work better.... (The reason this is so laughable a notion is likely to emerge shortly.)

In short this story isa roadmap of questions we want the media to start asking. And they will not thank us for asking them to do so.

That's why we need to drill down with Blogs, emails, letters and phonecalls.... until they realise that their own (that is, each individual media's) community will not be ignored.

From a journalistic and moral perspective this story I can understand a little of what the media is going through on this story. I went through the same process when Bev first emailed me. It is so hard to deal with this story because it is like waking up one day and finding your bedroom awash with filth.

As a journalist the democratic political processes are our raison d'etre, readon to be. It is through influencing voter opinion that the Fourth Estate finds its station.

And so this story, is figuratively speaking, like waking up and suddenly finding that your favourite park has a river of sewage running through it.

Journalists and editors are effectively being asked to disect the turds on behalf of the community so we can all decide how toxic they are then figure out what to do about it.



If people and admin don't mind...

I can indulg you with some more raw data.. referrer logs these provide a bit of a meme map to the first story.

So See the next post.

Administrators.... if this is against the rules then please consider me sorry, I won't do it again.

The referrer logs will show you - how many people clicked through to bev's first story from a large number of locations.





Many of the posts here are extremely insightful. PATRICK made some particularly acute observations I thought.

Which brings me to another task

It would be extremely useful if someone where to compile an index page for all the DU threads on this subject.

These threads are the living memory of how this story was written. I can understand well why Bev loves this place so much
and gives you the inside oil. Remember always.. the big scoop.. the story that opened this can of worms appeared here first.

For me, working this story You are colectively a bit like a set of extremely acute and aware senses.

Even for an UBERPOST this is far too long.

I will be around for the next few hours (and maybe years, if you will have me, at the very least through to N Day... and hopefully the fall of the Chimp.)
If people have any questions feel free.

And Check out the next post.. Bev's full referrer log! Featuring DU legendary posts and much much more.



I have posted the following request to Yahoo via... .

If any of you would care to follow my example we can make a difference!

Dear Yahoo Editors,

Hi... Yahoo... this is the link to our feature coverage of the Voting Machine Security Story... Could this please be linked in the...

US Elections Full Coverage page.

We would be keen if you could stick it in the related Sites Section of the page. And if you have somewhere to put it there is also..

Which is the link to the Scoop Front Page section devoted to US Elections - At the moment it is focussed on the US Elections voting machine story but it will remain focussed on the US Elections through till the big day.


PPPS.... there are an enormous number of unsung heroes in all of this without which none of this would have happened. These people know their computing shit in too many ways to name. They are the angels who brought us to this point. Unfortunately their role, for their own security, has to be largel anonymous at least for now.

To all the geeks out there who have been working on and replicating the UBERPUZZLE, the UBERPANDORA'S box that is the DIEBOLD FTP SITE FILES..... (And that means the ones that need to be cracked to be read) You have rocked my world. You are trancendtally and incandescently the REAL DEAL.

Kia Kaha DU
You Rock!

(NZ Maori for Stand Tall)

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