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SON OF SADDAM'S SON'S 86'd - the sequel! (further analysis) [View All]

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CaptainMidnight Donating Member (611 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-25-03 06:02 AM
Original message
SON OF SADDAM'S SON'S 86'd - the sequel! (further analysis)
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This is a further analysis based upon my original post:

On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 01:59 PM, one of the subscribers to my email blog wrote:

"I find it very hard to believe the US would go to all this trouble to fake the deaths of saddams two sons, while taking the chance that they would resurface. If they did all credibility would be lost. It's just too big of a risk to take by any power with a shred of intelligence. Of course conspiracy theorists will claim that they in fact had been killed long ago and their bodies only now used.



Actually, that's one of the prevailing theories, that perhaps they would kill them, only to use them when politically expedient. I find that simply too tricky to pull off, but not outside the realm of possibility for the Bush Cabal. That's our problem: no one can put ANYTHING past them.

But, now onto the death of "Ooday" and "Cooshay," as the networks pronounce them. (Bonus points for any of you who can pronounce their names in "Pig Latin!")

As far as the "risk" goes of faking their deaths, is it any more of a risk than asserting that Hussein had TONS of chemical weapons, had bought uranium from Niger, when after the initial conflict ended, this stuff would start coming out as false? They've gotten such a free ride from their corporate cronies in the media, have successfully scared the shit outta Americans, and effectively neutralized the Democrats with cries of "traitor," that I think, along with all their other lies they've gotten away with, "tax cuts for the wealthy will spur the economy," " we 'didn't know' 9-11 was coming," "Kenny Boy, who?" etc., they were just figuring they could get away with lying about their deaths.

I'll give you another example. It's not just the "evidence" itself, it's also the TIMING, which always comes right when Bush needs a touchdown.

The arrest of Jose Padilla.

Last summer, this guy's mug was plastered ALL OVER the newspapers, all over the Cable news shows; John Ashcroft even held an emergency press conference in Germany, while travelling, and somberly informed us all that the freshly-caught Padilla was making a nuclear suitcase bomb, and was planning to detonate it in NYC. Padilla was an Al Qaeda operative!

Padilla's arrest helped push the "Bush Knew" headlines outta the news last summer. I then got an email from one of the members of The Captain's List here, that blasted me, point by point, all the evidence Ashcroft had, and all of the bad things about this guy that made him an "imminent threat."

Then, it slowly trickled out that they'd actually arrested this guy three months earlier, that he was really a Chicago gang member with no ties to Al Qaeda, and that he had no ability to make ANY sort of bomb, and all the points made to me by said member of the list, crumbled away. But I'm glad he brought them up, much like you are now, and there's actual DEBATE going on, here. You and he do/did have some valid points.

Anybody else remember this shit?

Your other point: "The US would go to all this trouble?"

Man alive, Bush & Co. are cornered, FOR ONCE, and they're grabbing at straws. Just look at all the variations on the "Pin the Blame on the Honky" for the phony Nigerian claims, anything to NOT finger Condi or Powell, two of the likely culprits - notwithstanding CHENEY - who already have brazenly LIED about it, openly fibbing to the UN and to Congress. These are the "house negroes" (see Belafonte) that Bush desperately needs to give the Administration "street cred" with moderates and blacks; "okay, Condi, it's YOUR turn to take blame." "Sorry, Colin, it's Thursday. Remember, how the blame game goes, 'boy, girl, boy, girl, then white guy, white guy, white guy, black guy, black GIRL!"

And let's say Goofus and Gallant do surface and say "we're alive!" How do you know they will and tip their hands as to where they are, and that they are still at large, thusly painting an ever-larger bullseye on their heads? Their "being dead," also works for THEM. Lets them stay outta the limelight, gives them freedom of movement, and lets them more easily take on assumed identities and live out their lives in Finland, eating chocolate, getting manicures, and clubbing baby seals to death.

Look, there's really no way to definitively prove it, either way, really dead, really alive. I saw the "death photos." Okay, two dead swarthy guys. They could be anybody. I gotta tell ya, that first photo I saw of the bald one, the guy that looked like Bluto...that beard looked mighty suspect, too bushy, the hairline too precise, like he ordered it from Wiley Coyote's ACME catalogue. They should turn the body over and see if he's got a rubber band going 'round the back of his head.

Also, they were reported to have been burned beyond recognition. This went out several times, not just one mis-statement on the wire reports, and all this fuss was made about DNA testing and how it would take days. But no, Bush needs a "victory" NOW. The heat is on him, and "impeachment has been uttered. So we went from yesterday's looking "burned beyond recognition" to today's bad driver's license photos from the DMV. I mean, except for a few bruises and cuts to the face, they looked really intact after being burned beyond recognition. How? After fighting a 4-hour battle and getting shot at by 200 US troops, attack helicopters and grenades (reports are the building looks like it was put through a paper shredder)? And the bodies look that "good?"

Maybe, when the ambush started, they had been getting facials and were forced to fight back while wearing Reviva Beauty Treatment masks? That could explain why they only had one body guard apiece. They weren't bodyguards, but rather were male masseuses. Maybe Saddam's sons were adherents of the James Dean maxim, "live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse?"

One salient point, as well: Since the 9-11 Hoax was foisted upon us by the Bush Cabal with the complicit media. It turns out that SEVEN of the nineteen patsies, er, uh..."hijackers" have turned up ALIVE. Yep, that's a fact. Now tell me, have you or anyone you know, read about that fact or seen Dan Rather talking about it? You'd think that would be BIG NEWS. I think so. But it's gone virtually unreported in the media. Why? Because it contradicts the "Official Story." So if Saddam's sons are reported, "alive," do you think we'd hear about it? Or if so, we can always rely upon Rush, O'Reilly, Will, Drudge, Sneezy, Grumpy, or any of the other seven right-wing intellectual dwarves to spin the story away. Look, barely a year after Bush said, "Osama, Dead or Alive," Bush came out with "Osama's irrelevant; he's not a priority of mine right now," and NO ONE in the media found this to be outrageous!

Additionally, let's face it, we can FAKE ANYTHING. It doesn't even have to look that good! Remember the Fat Osama and the Thin Osama, both appearing on TV within two weeks? Remember that trumpeted "Osama Confession Video" that British troops "found" in a house in Afghanistan, AGAIN, in the months after 9-11, right when Bush needed further proof that "Osama Did It?" It was a very sloppy joke. Dodgy footage, Osama was strangely not in focus while everyone else in the room was, he was wearing "gaudy jewelry," his watch on the "wrong wrist," he was quite doughy, especially for someone on the lamb in the mountains of Tora Bora, and he'd had a nose job.

Osama, "in happier times..."

What then really pushed that farce over the edge was when Condi Rice berated the networks to NOT SHOW any of Osama's "messages" on American television, as they might contain "hidden messages to activate Al Qaeda cells in the US." Never mind that the Internet was being utilized by Al Qaeda quite nicely for that purpose. So later, when Al Jazeerah then broadcast Osama's own direct address that he videotaped himself, looking long, lean, gaunt, and fatigued, as opposed to tanned, rested, ready, and pudgy, it pretty much signaled to me the real reason why Condi didn't want the networks showing Osama's "messages" on TV.

Hey, Big Bird! "one of these things is NOT like the other..."

After Osama's REAL video surfaced, Bush & Co. stopped shilling the "found" video immediately, then quickly backed off it after several online "debunkers" and more than a few European and Arab pundits ridiculed it. You didn't hear about it ever again, did you?

Anyway, whichever way you interpret it, Ward Hussein's "Wally & The Beaver", both dead, serve the purposes of both sides for them to be proclaimed dead, and "no longer a threat."

I'm glad many of you have chimed in already to my original post, and offered your views; maybe we'll get at the truth of this...

Captain Mike
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