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Reply #158: you do like hell, and a person IS his ideas. [View All]

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kodi Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-23-03 09:38 PM
Response to Reply #139
158. you do like hell, and a person IS his ideas.
all that time will tell you is what a fool you are.

Your remarks exhibit the standard black or white, good or evil philosophical dichotomy so prevalent of ideologues and at times on the Right and Left. Understand that this is a world that is composed of both good and evil and they are inextricably tied together. No coin has one side.

I have yet to met a person who believed that war was preferable to peace, that deceit preferable to truth, yet experience, and an open, rational mind would reveal about the world the real work of living includes making hard moral choices on just such matters. It is hard to admit that regardless of what one does, evil may be a consequence. That is the very moral dilemma of the world that we all face, but:

The words of Rabbi Hillel spoken 2 millennia ago still ring true, "When the choice is between two evils, tend toward the one that is closer to the good." Otherwise, a greater evil triumphs.

Life doesn't afford us the opportunity to remain aloof from the basic moral questions, which confront us.

Few acts a person does do not result in ill fortune to others. That is the nature of life. Even to eat, something else must die. It is the measure of a person to act as to ensure the most good knowing full well the consequences may result in some portion of evil, even to themselves. It is the cross each of us bears in this life on Earth.

To abandon the world in an egotistical quest for personal or political purity is a far worse evil than to engage in it and in the process get sullied. Life is a game where all of us will someday get our uniforms dirty.

To engage the world does damage to each of us, it cannot be otherwise. But the sacrifice that is made to one's ego, of their idealized perception of themselves when they compromise for the greter good needs to be placed in a higher, more refined context of what really matters to a person. A person can feel bad about himself or herself for having accomplished but a little, but the alternative, to stay above the fray, results in much worse happening to the very things and people in which they believe and far greater evil.

you (your remarks) are like so many leftists, and exhibit what the cartoon character Linus summed up so well, "I love mankind, its just people I can't stand."

and you cant be more of a dumber shit than if you tried, repeatedly, ad naseum on DU i have preached active involvement of citizens in the life of their communitiy, where they can be in a position to someday make a difference in the political process.

those who show up make the decisions. those who dont, bitch about what was decided; just as you have.

all you can think of is the quick fix of voting without realizing that its the day to day participation of people in the political and cultural aspects of society that make the difference.

but that level of active participation is beneath you.
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