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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-17-03 01:04 PM
Response to Reply #87
90. Resist
If your number comes up REFUSE TO REPLY. Refuse to answer them,burn the card in front of thier face. Do whatever it takes. DON"T OBEY the demand to be drafted to die. You have 10 days to Seek out every 20 year old in your town who was picked and every kid that might be picked and march down the street and burn your friggin card at a local recruitment station everyday,get angry parents involved who value the lives of thier kids more than empire.. DO Risk jail.Because if you go to fight bush's greed war,you most likely will face worse trauma,brainwashing,abuse, and bodily harm in a war than doing a stint in jail.

You might quite literally lose your mind,your body,your health your life at war. For what? Maintaining a corrupt corporate hegemony for a wannabe king who went AWOL himself. If Bush and the chickenhawks can be yellow and have a desire to live you can too,fuck the wingnuts and gung ho weirdos who would tell you standing up for yourself, and wanting to live your life in peace,and resisting extortion from the state is unpatriotic.If enough young people get some guts and act in thier own self interests together,the jails will have no room for all the resisters.It will work only if people stand together with courage and say NO in unity. YOu cannot be made into a human weapon if you REFUSE to be made into a human weapon. DISOBEY. Do not follow orders.Refuse to pick up a gun because you are told to. NO one can MAKE you kill anyone.They can try to however.Choosing peace begins with each of us saying NO and meaning it.

Sure alot of new jails have been built,in isolated areas and FEMA is lurking and the patriot act has scrapped the constitution,but there are too many of us.The powers that be,they know this is true that might be why there are so many nukes,to hopefully threaten us into submission with total annilation.FUCK thier extortion.I say give me liberty or give me death motherfuckers. I gotta die someday, and if I do I will go fighting,for what *I* believe in,for my own human values that mean something to *me* personally like freedom from authoritarian or business abuses,peace,equality,respect,love,compassion,my freinds my family.

I was talking to an old 60's radical who was there last night.

He told me how radical people were willing to lay thier lives ,livelihoods and everything else on the line for values they thought mattered,like peace,equality,love,justice,freedom from authoritarians,freedom from the draft.They CHOSE to stand up together and did the work to organize.They meant business and were willing to risk being hurt,being rejected by parents,getting arrested,losing it all, even violently fighting against the law ,police,government,business and the state to stand up for themselves and thier own values.

Radicals back then studied how propaganda works and questioned everything,they studied history, the history of revolutions and the constitution.They used thier heads,fists,flowers ,numbers and thier hearts.And when they stood up for themselves,together or alone,for thier future,thier values ,they sometimes were hurt,thier groups were infiltrated by agents,thier reputations were publicaly smeared,thier families were threatened and harassed,the public was terrorized,Hippie symbols and thier "uniform"(bell bottoms,long hair, beads ect) was co-opted by businesspeople and sold back to kids as a defanged image package to kids that were ignorant of the morality.

The meaning and hope contained in the fight of the 60's,was co-opted by kids who just wanted to piss off square parents and it went down hill. The store bought packaged image of rebellion still appeals to the lazy thinker,fence sitter,the moderate,the materialistic, the cowards who have no soul but want to"fit in" with the kewel crowds and score chix. People who have heart,please go,enlighten these people. In the 60's people questioned the "powers that be" with some teeth so they were labeled a 'threat' to "order" .The anarchists of today face the same bigoted stigmas and ignorance about what anarchy is when it comes to popular opinions..And the state did everything in thier power to destroy the hippies and they will do the same thing to the new radicals.One must ask what sort of"order" was so upset by such a display of boldness conviction,self determination and character in average people standing up for what is right,just and good??
The 60's radicals were systematically undermined,harassed co-opted,even killed because the 'leaders' were terrified of them and what they represented to thier status and control over us all.

Authorities knew the young radicals parents were terrified of losing what they had invested in the old social "order" and had a limited vision and understanding of what the hippies were doing because the hippies were so youth focussed in thier rebellion.The parents were shocked at the image, the sexuality,the differences. Older people naturally get scared of big social changes especially as age creeps upwards they have conservative tendances because they have lived more life-time and can see death coming. Teenages can risk alot because they have a feeling of invicibility and hope that youth gives them. Old people and young people need each other.

The young hippies had communes and a stable community except there was no place for older people within them.There was a generation gap.So of course older people knew which side thier bread was buttered on.Some hippes didn't fall for the politically expeident scare tactics but thier parents did because of self-interest. And as the hippies got older they lost the vision,and now becaue the spectre of the draft brings it all back they are remembering that vision.Cultural revolution includes all the generations because a culture consists of all generations,each are different but all need justice equality freedom.ect.Old hippies can see thier mistakes now that they are aging parents. Young radical people need to reach out to older people,thier parents and teach them,radicalize them.

This old hippie I was speaking to...he told me a about the riots on DC.He was there!He said millions of people were there,protesting..not just one million but a few million.Many people were actually fighting,some were throwing rocks at cops, breaking things,ect. Many people were putting themselves on the line literally,for what they knew was important.It was a real culture war.
For the radicals back then there was cultural/literal war on against corrupt authoritarians and thier systems.
So many people got arrested in DC that day in 1969 fighting they filled up the police station,filled up all the paddywagons,so eventually they were detained in a football stadium. So many people were arrested they could not hope to jail them all or prosecute them.So after awile they were let go.For once the government saw it was not all powerful and it could be disobeyed, disregarded and controlled dispite all it's threats,appearances of authority,it's dominating demeanor, and stoked up fear. Authority was revealed for what it is, an impotent game played against the people who have self esteem and self determination who haven't sold themselves out.The police cannot contain millions of people simply standing together, standing up for what is right,and being willing to fight and risk stepping out of thier comfort zones for the sake of thier own integrity and values of human rights,equality,love and freedom.

He told me about Kent state when those students were murdered by trigger happy police,who put young barely trained mps on the line to do the killing for old white authoritarians. He told me the strangest thing was seen in how some adults,some of them parents themselves reacted to the deaths at Kent.Why parents all over the country did not riot I have no clue.The parents who lost thier kids did not step up and organize with other parents against the unjust deaths of thier kids.They wimped out,sold out,let it go and be forgotten and some families of the killed students were even heard saying they got what they had coming to them.This is just evil.
If it were my kid killed by the government at Kent state for standing up for what is right I would be demanding some heads to roll and I would NEVER shut up or sell out my heart and soul will not let me betray myself and my own integrity like that.

So,even if no one stands with you in your resistance I would hope you have a sense for the duty to stand up for yourself,for your own integrity ,for what you value and for the concept of freedom in the future.This thing is way bigger than me or you right now.
Please guys if the draft happens to you ,Refuse,RESIST and do not sell yourself out to terror tactics because you think you are alone. Calm your parents,talk to them,explain why.Reach out to others who support what is sane.Ignore the voices that desire you to die for any state sponsored war even if it comes out of the mouths of people you love or trust.You all are worth more than cannon fodder for an empire. If you don't resist for yourself, resist the draft so that your own kids or thier freinds will not have to die fighting or resisting another ogliarch's war for an empire someday when you get old and scared.

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