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Triana Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-08-03 07:39 PM
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16. Delcaration of Independence

I want independence from the gutted IT job market and sunken economy created by George Bu$h's bad economic policy, tax cuts for those who need help the least, and from his continued reckless deficit spending that serves only to help the corporations from which 60% of the Bu$h Plutocracy came.

I want independence from the international image of America as agressor, created by George Bu$h's pretentious pre-emptive occupation of Iraq for whatever reasons his administration chose to go there, they had nothing to do with the 'war on terror' or with 9-11. This, we now know to be true.

I want independence from John Ashcroft's gutting of our Bill of Rights, his curettage of our civil liberties, his thievery of our privacy as Americans.

I want independence from the lies, pretense, secrecy, greed, and self-interest of this cash-n-carry government, who serves itself and its largest wealthy and corporate contributors before it serves We the People.

I want my country back. I want our Democratic Republic back. I want peace and prosperity back. I want my civil liberties and my privacy back. I want my professional livlihood I worked for 12 years to build upon, back. I want our JOBS back - NOT sold to to the lowest bidders from China, Mexico, and India while Americans are left unemployed for years at a time.

I want an ELECTED President, not a putsched *resident whose ego and privilege far outweighs his intelligence and qualifications to lead this nation as anything other than a dictator.

Next Presidental election, I want independence from a spoilt brat whose friends in high places served to cleanse voters from the voter rolls, manipulate vote tallies, and whose largest corporate contributors build vote-counting machines in black-hole vacuums with no audit trail or public scrutiny - machines that were and are known to be suceptible to tampering.

I want independence from an admistration that reeks of Conflict of Interest from stem to stern, yet expects Americans not to care or to be so utterly gullible as not to find those blatant conflicts extremely arrogant, and extremely suspect.

I want Howard Dean in the Oval Office, though I do not envy him the job of cleaning up the diplomatic, economic, and social disaster that George Bu$h will leave behind for him to deal with.
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