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Reply #39: "That Dog Won't Hunt" + Dean/Kerry on Mideast [View All]

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DrFunkenstein Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-22-03 09:03 PM
Response to Reply #38
39. "That Dog Won't Hunt" + Dean/Kerry on Mideast
You just used the same exact logic that lost Shannon the election to Kerry.

"He claims that after 911 everything changed, and suggests that a military background from an idiot who enlisted in America's most notorious unjust war - which everyone else was trying to avoid, and who came home to protest the war when the political winds were advantageous, now brags of his status in another unjust war."

Kerry signed up early even though he had reservations about US intervention out of sense of duty from the Kennedy era (and a father who served as well).

Kerry protested against "free-fire" zones as an officer in Vietnam because it had a very high civilian casualty rate. When he came home, he protested out of the same sense of duty and love of country that motivated him to enlist.

"Kerry arguments against raising foreign labor standards because they would impact negatively on the US economy is right out of the Republican playbook."

No, actually, Kerry is a believer in globalization as a long-term goal that will raise labor and environmental standards that must contend with its dark side directly (and has legislated against it) without losing sight of that goal. Public Citizen attacks his "fast track" vote, but praises his trade labor/enviro amendments to the sky.

"Kerry's position on Israel and his condemnation of Dean's efforts on behalf of America's pursuit to peace in the Middle-East, in rhetoric, is to the right of Bush."

Don't confuse Dean's words with his "efforts." Dean is a hardcore pro-Likud hawk using words to coo in progressive ears. Dean actually said he agrees with Bush's Mideast policy. Compare Kerry's statement:

"Without demanding unilateral concessions, the United States must mediate a series of confidence building steps which start down the road to peace. Both parties must walk this path together - simultaneously. And the world can help them do it. While maintaining our long term commitment to Israel's existence and security, the United States must work to keep both sides focused on the end game of peace. Extremists must not be allowed to control this process."

And let's look at Dean:

"When they have bothered to state them, the Administration's guiding principles in the Middle East are the right ones. Terrorism against Israel must end. A two-state solution is the only path to eventual peace, but Palestinian territory cannot have the capability of being used as a platform for attacking Israel. Some degree of separation between Israelis and Palestinians is probably necessary in light of the horrible bloodshed of the past two years."


Dean believes the Bush administration should be giving Israel $4 billion in military aid to fight terrorism, not the $1 billion it proposed last month.

Dean traveled to Israel on a trip sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Dean stated: I do not think that as long as Yasser Arafat is president there will be peace." Before leaving, Sharon asked if Dean would support requests for new loan guarantees to Israel. Dean promised him he would.

Last December, Dean told the Jerusalem Post that he unequivocally supported $8 Billion in US loan guarantees for Israel. "I believe that by providing Israel with the loan guarantees...the US will be advancing its own interest," he said. His unconditional support for the loan package, in addition to $4 Billion in outright grants, went further than even some of the most pro-Israel elements in the Bush administration, like Paul Wolfowitz, who wanted to at least include some vague restrictions like pushing Israel to curtail new settlements and accept a timetable to establish a Palestinian state.
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