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The Significance of the Death of Raymond Lemme to the 2004 Election [View All]

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The Significance of the Death of Raymond Lemme to the 2004 Election
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There is very good reason to believe that Raymond Lemme (whom Ill bet was never mentioned by our corporate MSM) had information shortly before his death, in July 2003, in a Valdosta, Georgia motel room, that could have blown open the plans of George W. Bush and his handlers to win the 2004 Presidential election. To evaluate this connection we should start with a brief summary of the unsolved mysteries surrounding Bushs victory in Ohio, which everyone knew well before Election Day would almost certainly be necessary for a Bush Electoral College victory.

Brief summary of unsolved mysteries surrounding Bushs Ohio victory

Here is a brief description of some of the most important unexplained irregularities noted in Ohio on Election Day.

1. The Warren County lockdown
The infamous Warren County lockdown occurred after the polls closed in Warren County, when Warren County election officials locked reporters out of the building while they counted the votes, justifying this action on the basis of a national security alert involving a terrorist threat. The FBI later denied issuing such an alert.

Other than the above mentioned facts, there are many other ominous circumstances surrounding this event, as pointed out by fellow DUer Farmbo in his recent post: 1.) The incident, which apparently involves a federal felony, has never been seriously investigated either by any news organization, by the state of Ohio, or by federal investigators; 2.) The lockdown was planned in advance; 3.) Just prior to this event, Ohio seemed to be safely in Kerrys column; d) According to a recent U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) report, Ohios statewide tabulation network was highly vulnerable to hacking.

2. Huge inconsistencies in voter registration figures
There were huge inconsistencies between NY Times articles which indicated that the rate of new Democratic voter registration in Ohio was ten times the rate of new Republican voter registration, compared to official Secretary of State figures that showed no advantage in Democratic over Republican voter registration. An explanation for this strange finding is detailed in this report, which notes that 165,000 voters were electronically purged, apparently illegally, in Cuyahoga County alone, and that this purging may have been targeted at Democratic voters.

3. Late addition of votes to Miami County
The late addition of 19,000 votes from Miami County, after 100% of precincts had reported, resulted in a net addition to Bushs vote margin of 6,000 votes.

4. Electronic vote switching
Reports by voters of electronic switching of their votes from one candidate to another, favored Bush over Kerry by a ratio of 12 to 1, and were nine times more frequent in swing states (especially Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico) than in other states.

5. Withholding of voting machines in Franklin County
The withholding of voting machines from Democratic precincts in Franklin County, resulting in voting lines which were several hours long, with the subsequent leaving of those lines without voting by tens of thousands of voters, was calculated to result in a net advantage to Bush of about 17,000 net votes.

6. Failure to do a full hand recount
Numerous Ohio counties did everything they could to avoid doing a full recount, even after a recount was mandated by court order, as described in this review by Georgia10 starting on page 36, so that when it all ended, only one county in the whole state had been fully recounted. In order to accomplish this, numerous violations of Ohios recount rules were perpetrated, including: At least 17 counties where the recount was chosen by Ohio election officials rather than randomly; at least 6 counties where tampering with the tabulating machines by voting machine company technicians was noted, including a case in Hocking County where the technician actually gave the election officials a cheat sheet, with instructions on how to make the counts match (The whistle blower of this felony, Sherole Eaton, was subsequently fired from her job); and, at least 6 counties for which, even when it turned out that the vote totals didnt match, election officials still refused to do the required recount.

The testimony of Clint Curtis

In October 2000 Clint Curtis was a computer programmer and a life-long Republican who worked for the Florida based Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI). According to Curtissworn testimony to House Judiciary Committee Democrats in December 2004, while working for YEI he wrote a prototype for a computer program that would switch votes from one candidate to another, at the request of Congressman Tom Feeney in October of 2000. Believing at the time that the purpose of Feeneys request was to better understand how Democrats might plan to commit election fraud, Curtis complied with the request and wrote the program and presented it to his employer, Mrs. Li Woan Yang. According to Curtis sworn affidavit

She immediately responded, You dont understand, in order to get the contract we have to hide the manipulation in the source code. This program is needed to control the vote in south Florida.

(Curtis continues)

I was shocked that they were trying to steal the election and told her that neither I nor anyone else could produce any such program. She stated that she would hand in what I produced to Feeney and left the room with the software.

Please note that when Curtis said that neither he nor anyone else could produce "any such program" he meant that nobody could produce such a program that was undetectable. But since the public has not been allowed access to the "proprietary" software codes used to count our votes, the question of whether or not a computer program to switch votes from one candidate to another was detectable turns out not to matter so much. And that is the reason why Curtis was able to offer the opinion that he believed that the 2004 election was rigged using a program similar to the one that he wrote.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Curtis in January 2004, when we were both invited by Justice Through Music to participate in a small group to lobby Senators to object to the Ohio Presidential Election on January 6th. Curtis had gotten the idea to contact Justice Through Music because they were offering a $200,000 reward for anyone who could prove that the 2004 election had been stolen. However, Curtis was not interested in the money, nor did he accept any money in return for his information or testimony.

Skeptics have pointed out to me and others that Yang Enterprises did not receive any contracts to run elections in 2004 and that there is no proof that Curtis programs were used to rig the election. True enough. But I ask them to consider three things: Firstly, of the unsolved mysteries of Bushs Ohio victory that I listed above, item numbers 2 and 4 appear to have involved electronic vote rigging, and item numbers 1, 3 and 6 seem very suspicious in that regard. Furthermore, in Curtis sworn testimony he said that he was told by his employer that his program was specifically needed to control the vote in South Florida. In fact, it was from south Florida where 48% of all voter complaints in the country of electronic vote switching that favored Bush were reported to the national Electronic Incident Reporting System (EIRS). And secondly and thirdly, we need to consider the circumstances and events surrounding Tom Feeney and Raymond Lemme.

Tom Feeney

At the time that Feeney asked Curtis to write the vote switching program Feeney was simultaneously a Florida legislator (soon to become Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives) and a registered lobbyist for YEI.

For those of you followed the Florida 2000 election with great interest, you might remember that Feeney played a VERY prominent role in Bushs victory in that election. For it was Feeney, not the U.S. Supreme Court or Bushs lawyers, who first came up with the idea (or threat) of taking the 2004 Florida Presidential election out of the hands of the voters. It was Feeney who first put forth the argument that Article II of our Constitution gives the right to state legislatures to determine the winner of their states electors. And it was Feeney, as Speaker of Floridas House of Representatives, who threatened to use that power to nullify a Gore victory if a recount of the votes resulted in Gore being declared the winner. And it was precisely this argument of Feeneys that the U.S. Supreme Court was to use a few days later to hand Bush the Presidency.

What I am trying to imply here is that it is not plausible to believe that Feeneys interest in vote switching programs was limited to his association with YEI. And while it is true that we do not know that the specific prototype that Curtis wrote was actually used to rig the 2004 election, Feeneys asking Curtis to write such a program is evidence of high level Republican interest in stealing the election.

The death of Raymond Lemme

Raymond Lemme was the official from the Florida Inspector Generals Office who was charged with investigating Curtis allegations. In his affidavit, Curtis describes a June 2003 meeting with Lemme, where Lemme told Curtis that he (Lemme) had tracked the corruption all the way to the top, and that the story would break shortly.

But we will probably never know what explosive information Lemme had obtained, for he was found dead in a Valdosta, Georgia, Knights Inn motel room two weeks later, July 1, 2003. His arm was slashed twice with a razor blade, near the left elbow. The Brad Blog has thoroughly investigated this case and put forth several reasons to believe that Lemmes death was not suicide, as has been ruled by the Valdosta police:

In the first place, nobody knows why Lemme was in Georgia, about 80 miles north of Tallahassee, where he lived and worked. No autopsy was performed, whereas had the death occurred in Florida, an autopsy would have been required.

Secondly, motel receipts are not consistent with the rest of the story. There is an unsigned check-in receipt dated June 29, 2003, and a signed check-out receipt dated June 30, 2003, 6:54 a.m. Yet Lemme was found dead in the hotel on July 1, the day AFTER he apparently checked out. The police claim that the check-out date on the receipt is wrong, and ascribe the incorrect date to machine error, but refused to provide additional detail on that.

Thirdly, there are mysteries surrounding and inconsistencies between the photographs of the scene of the crime and the police report. The initial police report stated: "a defect in the camera flash memory cards resulted in no usable photographs. Photographs will not be submitted with this report." Yet good quality photographs of the crime scene, some showing Lemme in the bath tub where he is said to have killed himself, and which were previously said not to have existed, later showed up. The legitimacy of the photographs was confirmed by the Valdosta police.

An official report by Detective Shannon Floyd states that there was no sign of foul play, and that there was no blood on the towel on which a black belt (apparently used as a tourniquet) was found. Yet, the pictures clearly show blood on the towel and severe bruising on the right side of Lemmes neck.

When Brad Blog attempted to talk with Detective Floyd about her inconsistent findings, he was told that she no longer works for the Department, and the police refused to tell him how he could reach her.

Fourthly, after re-opening the case (late 04 or early 05), the case was quickly closed after the Valdosta police talked with the Florida Department of Transportation. The Valdosta police refused to comment on why the Florida DOT should have a say in when they close a death investigation in Georgia.

And lastly, Lemmes work colleagues and family all agree that there were no previous indications that Lemme wanted to die.


In summary, there are several unsolved (not to mention uninvestigated) mysteries surrounding Bushs Ohio victory, many which suggest the possibility or likelihood of electronic vote rigging (and the Edison-Mitofsky exit poll showed Kerry with a 4.2% victory over Bush in Ohio.) Clint Curtis has provided sworn testimony to Congress that he wrote a computer program, at the request of a Republican operative (Tom Feeney), which was capable of rigging the 2004 election, and which he believes was in fact used to rig the 2004 election. The man charged with investigating Curtis allegations appeared to be on the verge of verifying his allegations and tracking them all the way to the top. And then he died under highly suspicious circumstances, and the investigation into his alleged suicide was quickly squelched.

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