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Turning information into bird flu... [View All]

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libertypirate Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-05-05 12:09 PM
Original message
Turning information into bird flu...
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You know what one of the definitions of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over waiting for a different result...

Do you even know what that means?

Like reading the New York Times hoping that the Truth will set you free when it was that paper, used as a tool by our own government to falsely inform us about Iraq's WMD desires and capability.

The most mainstream of publications is used on a daily basis not as a tool to inform, but a tool you conform and control information.

Take the word 'conspiracy' it's just a word yet people run from it like it's the god damn bird flu, I can't be caught knowing anything related to my own sanity. I shouldn't look into opposing views that will label me nutty; now that is the mentality of someone without a spine. Is that you?

I mean hell what is worse than that being labeled a nut, oh I don't know watching your government over the last 5 years expose itself for what it truly is (embarrassing to say the least/sickening depending on how nutty you are), a mechanism for control of it's people and the world. Let me see I can be a nut or an imperial zombie with a contrived view based on what I am willing to look at and understand and inevitably what I am willing to believe.

As any ex-junkie will tell you it's hard to see the life you live for what it is while you live it. Your parents can even watch you destroy yourself pleading that you pay attention to how far you are falling but you won't; why? Fear, that you might find out that you are the person that you deny yourself to have actually become this is America afraid to find out that democracy in the control of the very few, is imperialism.

Sinking fast as a nation we are... We no longer are a country that celebrates those who are special, we elect people who are intellectually dishonest and who still rely on their parents to bail them out. Fucking Bush, what a piece of lousy elitism bottled up as actual American; fucking please that is offensive to anyone who has had to earn their way.

Take it from someone who knows better the stupid people don't know they are; and of course that relates to ignorance is bliss. My wife can't understand sometimes why dumb people don't see that they are I try to respond that it's a capacity issue. Alas however it is more than that, it is a lack of intellectual honesty, due to lack of intellectual curiosity. Mainly due to prevalence of fear, like that a virus will evolve into a human killer out of one side of the mouth, while demanding proof of micro evolution out the other. Don't you listen to spewing of non-sense coming out that parrot like beak under your nose?

Now by not naming anyone I am including everyone, if you are offended by this take a look in mirror. Are you contributing, supporting an insane status quo waiting for it to open your mind to what is real

Do you get what I am saying that if your not willing to look beyond those media assholes that lied us into war and many other things then Go Cheney yourself, until you grow a sack the problem is 'you' get the fuck out of this nut cases way.

It's going to hurt to find most of the shit out and it won't be any fun, but reality happened and many have tuned in to hear tales in their news that makes you a warm and fuzzy American. The limited hangout no longer controlled by the pentagon, now it's controlled by the fear in you, the fear of being seen as un-American, a nut, or worse the enemy.

When the real enemy is the everyday American remaining numb and distracted from facts and truth; so they can believe in something that no longer exists America as it was not what it has turned into.
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