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"TREASONGATE: Comey Clarifies Fitz's Plenary Authority " [View All]

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dbeach Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-22-05 12:29 PM
Original message
"TREASONGATE: Comey Clarifies Fitz's Plenary Authority "
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CS waves in on the busheviks legal dilemna's.

Will the unlimited wallet of poppy o get his beloved smirk out of yet another self-induced scandal?? /

"TREASONGATE: Comey Clarifies Fitzgerald's Plenary Authority
On August 8th, 2005, I wrote a very detailed legal analysis explaining why Fitzgerald cannot "legally" be fired by Bush or anybody in the DOJ as the "Special Prosecutor" for Treasongate offenses. I explained that Fitzgerald wears two hats, US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois AND Special Prosecutor for the Plame leak investigation. As US Attorney he can be fired at any time by Bush.As Special Prosecutor he cannot be fired. Why? Read my August 8th, 2005 article for the detailed answer including extensive links.

Fitzgerald's plenary authority was delegated to him by acting Attorney General James Comey. Two official DOJ letters were used by Comey to establish Fitzgerald as the "Acting US Attoney General" in this matter. That means he is effectively the Attorney General for this case and he doesn't have to answer to anybody.

OK, but even the Attorney General can be fired by the President. This is true. So why can't Bush fire Fitzgerald even if Fitz is the Acting Attorney General with plenary authority?

That's where the Government Accountability Office (GAO) comes in. The DOJ made a very extensive argument to the GAO that Fitzgerald has all of the power of an Independent Counsel (like Ken Starr when he was investigating Clinton). Even though the Indepenent Counsel law has expired, DOJ argued that under this set of facts and this unique delegation of power from Comey to Fitzgerald, the GAO should recognize Fitzgerald as having all the power of an Independent Counsel so that unlimited funds could be released to Fitzgerald so this investigation could be properly conducted.The GAO bought this argument and granted the funds on this basis. "

castles made of bush sands go out to SEA EVENTUALLY.

SURE wish the high tide would hasten their much needed departure
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