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Duane Clarridge and Alan Wolf forged Iraq-Niger-uranium docs for Ledeen? [View All]

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StefanX Donating Member (801 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-21-05 06:57 PM
Original message
Duane Clarridge and Alan Wolf forged Iraq-Niger-uranium docs for Ledeen?
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Edited on Fri Oct-21-05 07:16 PM by StefanX
Fitzgerald's investigation has led to an important additional issue -- he's been talking to the FBI to out who forged those phony Iraq-Niger-uranium intel docs which were planted on Italy's SISMI intelligence service and which Bush used as an excuse to lie his way into his war... and the trail may be leading back to Cheney's office, in the person of one fanatical neocon named Michael Ledeen.

This is BIG -- just like a small Arkansas land deal led to a blow-job and a blue dress, the treasonous outing (itself punishable by death under the Espionage Act) of a CIA operative could lead to proof that Cheney conspired to plant phony intel to get us into the Bush/Iraq war.

Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?
The Fitzgerald/Plame investigation goes in a new direction
-- Justin Raimundo

According to a source in the Italian embassy, Patrick J. "Bulldog" Fitzgerald asked for and "has finally been given a full copy of the Italian parliamentary oversight report on the forged Niger uranium document," the former CIA officer tells me:

"Previous versions of the report were redacted and had all the names removed, though it was possible to guess who was involved. This version names Michael Ledeen as the conduit for the report and indicates that former CIA officers Duane Clarridge and Alan Wolf were the principal forgers. All three had business interests with Chalabi."

Alan Wolf died about a year and a half ago of cancer. He served as chief of the CIA's Near East Division as well as the European Division, and was also CIA chief of station in Rome after Clarridge. According to my source, "he and Clarridge and Ledeen were all very close and also close to Chalabi."

A veteran of the Iran-Contra scandal, Ledeen played an important role in the "arms for hostages" scheme by setting up meetings between the American government and the Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar. Not all that unexpected coming from a self-proclaimed advocate of Machiavelli's amoralism. Today, Ledeen is among the most visible and radical neoconservative ideologues whose passion for a campaign of serial "regime-change" in the Middle East is undiminished by the Iraqi debacle. Just as the Roman senator Cato the Elder finished his perorations with the command "Carthage must be destroyed," so Michael "Creative Destruction" Ledeen closes his hopped-up warmongering essays with "Faster, please!," an exhortation presumably addressed to his confreres in the Bush administration.

-- Justin Raimundo at, October 19, 2005

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