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Reply #20: What exactly set you off? [View All]

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Dogmudgeon Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-16-05 02:42 AM
Response to Original message
20. What exactly set you off?
I've assumed that we've been screwed six ways from Sunday since 12/13/2000. Why would some changes in military legal language be critical? Various Emergency Acts written as Public Laws and USA-PATRIOT give them all the power they need.

All they're doing is making their book of excuses look better for when they need a justification for some tyrannical act or another. This particular one applies to military personnel. "Martial Law" doesn't mean that the populace would have to follow the UCMJ and face courts-martial for civil infractions. The term "Martial Law" is commonly used as a synonym for "Emergency Law" especially if the Military is being used to help keep order.

As for the military personnel themselves, the same Abu Ghraib scandal you mention is instructive, which is why we pay attention to it. Three people took the heat for an entire chan of command, two enlisted women and one non-commissioned officer. Oh, okay, Gen. Janice Karpinsky took some heat, but only because she ruffled some of her Supreme Commander In Chief's feathers. And a lieutenant had to forfeit some pay. But all of this was decided before the Courts-Martial decided on the chapter and verse the punishment would be administered under.

You didn't even link to MCM-2000 (Rev. 2002). You could have at least posted the document as changed by the EO. You did incorporate the changes as stipulated by our Beloved Maximum Leader, didn't you?

I look at everything Bush does as a potential cancer on the body politic of the USA, and I do not take these changes lightly. But none of them are, by themselves, linchpins of the regime. To a dictator, law really is bass-ackwards: they do what they will, then their lawyers cobble together justifications. Instruments like USA-PATRIOT and Executive Orders are not strictly necessary, but they make things easier for the lawyers.

But here's the part of the picture I do not get: why every day, half a dozen people scream that everybody is stupid and sheep-like (except themselves). They seem to forget that education works better than punishment. It's easy to get frustrated in times like these. And that's exactly why we all need to redouble our educational efforts.

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