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Fascinating look at what the ordinary sheeple post on [View All]

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AnnInLa Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-09-05 07:22 PM
Original message
Fascinating look at what the ordinary sheeple post on
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This is an eye-opener. Go to and read the post titled, "Conservative Rebellion or Civil War." Then read some of the discussion posts under the main one. (You can skip the extended argument about what the bible says and what it means to be a Christian, and where a poster gets banned for being a bad boy...sounds like us.)

Example #1.

please. By: jforshaw
Ed's a traitor now for speaking(if not understating) the truth? Give me a f!cking break. Who is the traitor, the one who pointed out the betrayal or the one who actually betrayed us?

Conservatives have been swallowing Bush's litany of heresies because they have been anticipating a very conservative Supreme Court. Bush promised us vouchers; we got the Kennedy "education" bill. We were promised "fiscal responsibility" and we have the biggest spenders since FDR, and the unbelievably insulting "ongoing victory" in fiscal restraint. We were promised free trade, and we got ridiculous sugar subsidies, steel tariffs and myriad import quotas. Ridiculous giveaway subsidies to the energy and transportation industries, whose lobbyists practically wrote those bills. And so on. We have no reason to support Bush anymore. (Got that, Karl?)

My only question is whether I sit out the 06 and 08 elections, or vote down-the-line Democrat to punish our leaders as much as possible. I don't know how many whippings it's going to take the party establishment before they start respecting us. Clearly, 1992 and 1998 weren't enough.

Before we can move this country in a conservative direction, we have to have a party that represents us, not the navel-gazing silk-stocking conceit of the Beltway cocktail circuit.

Example #2.

The GOP By: cyrus
may gain strength for a while. As for conservatism, I'm not sure what that means anymore. I could delude myself for almost five years that Bush didn't endeavor simply to ratify the 1960's, but the Roberts and Miers nominations, along with the reaction to Katrina, tore away that veil of delusion to reveal the truth: I've been kidding myself. I don't think I'm the only one who has suddenly realized this. I'm sure he'll continue to be successful, but at the moment, I can no longer convince myself there's enough difference between the Republican Party that Bush has fully co-opted and the Democrats who despise him for me to care too much who wins.

Example#3 DU gets a mention:

Avoiding the word 'fanatic' By: lralston
Compare the comments re a conservative (currently or in the past) on Kos or the Democratic Underground to the Meirs response (sold-out, betrayal, etc.) by Republicans/Conservatives and you see the problem. This is politics folks, not pure theory. Why would we vote FOR a Democrat/Liberal candidate by NOT voting for Republicans/Conservatives? Let the worst man win?

((Anyhoo, I find it fascinating to read what the ordinary sheeple post on their message boards. I need to get out more.))
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