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Far right GOP agrees with far right DLC. Dobson's Focus on the Family. [View All]

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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-08-05 06:18 PM
Original message
Far right GOP agrees with far right DLC. Dobson's Focus on the Family.
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Edited on Sat Oct-08-05 06:44 PM by madfloridian
You know you are in trouble when the far right wing of the GOP is pushing the far right wing agenda of the Democratic Party. I mean that is real trouble.

The DLC put forth warnings about not going too far to the left.

"Galston, a professor of public policy at the University of Maryland, and Kamarck, a lecturer at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, in 1989 wrote the influential paper, "The Politics of Evasion," which helped set the stage for Clinton's presidential bid and the prominent role of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. In some ways, the report released yesterday showed how difficult the debate is to resolve.

Their recommendations are much less specific than their detailed analysis of the difficulties facing the Democratic Party.

They suggest that Democratic presidential candidates replicate Clinton's tactics in 1992, when he broke with the party's liberal base by approving the execution of a semi-retarded prisoner, by challenging liberal icon Jesse L. Jackson and by calling for an end to welfare "as we know it."

And I am editing and adding more of the WP column because according to some I did not make my case that they were advocating moving to the right again, just like they do after every election. They don't say "move to the the right", but use center. However they are not centered with the people of the party.

The liberals' hope that Democrats can win back the presidency by drawing sharp ideological contrasts and energizing the partisan base is a fantasy that could cripple the party's efforts to return to power, according to a new study by two prominent Democratic analysts.

In the latest shot in a long-running war over the party's direction -- an argument turned more passionate after Democrat John F. Kerry's loss to President Bush last year -- two intellectuals who have been aligned with former president Bill Clinton warn that the only way back to victory is down the center.

Democrats must "admit that they cannot simply grow themselves out of their electoral dilemmas," wrote William A. Galston and Elaine C. Kamarck, in a report released yesterday. "The groups that were supposed to constitute the new Democratic majority in 2004 simply failed to materialize in sufficient number to overcome the right-center coalition of the Republican Party."

They are saying we need to move more in the direction of the people we can not beat. I disagree.

Ok, that has been discussed here a lot. Today I see a blog site from James Dobsons' focus of the family is agreeing with this and saying Democrats should listen.

Liberalism doesn't win elections. That's the advice that former Clinton Domestic Policy Adviser William A. Galston and a colleague have for the Democratic Party.

Professor Galston, now a scholar at the University of Maryland, issued a report, along with former Clinton aide Elaine Kamarck, that warns Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean not to look to the left to win elections.

First, Galston said, there aren't enough liberal Democrats to constitute a majority and those who are there don't look like other Democrats or America.

Most Americans are neither far left nor far right," Dunn said, "but the Democratic Party's center of gravity of power is to the far left. Until the Democratic Party recognizes the error of its way, it will continue to lose elections to the Republican Party."

He said Galston's message to party leaders is on target. Dean's effort to mobilize liberals ignores the real problem.

"There is no 'there' there," Dunn said. "Neither the leadership, nor the groups that would follow the supposed leadership, can produce sufficient vote for them to win except in unusual cases."

I think the battle for the party has begun. Religious groups may side with the Third Way/DLC because they are saying to go with the "gray" center on women's rights. SO you have a squeeze play from the right on the DNC and Dean, and the left squeezing back that the main issue is Iraq.

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