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The New American Revolution Starts Now [View All]

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einsteins stein Donating Member (398 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-08-03 01:03 AM
Original message
The New American Revolution Starts Now
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Edited on Wed Oct-08-03 01:21 AM by einsteins stein
California is lost, so who do we blame?

Is it Davis' fault, should he have resigned early on?

Is it Bustamante's fault, did he run a dead-dog campaign?

Is California's fault for being blind-sided by the right?

If it helps to blame someone, if it helps to personlaize the issue, then blame Bush. I don't care if he is directly responsible, but he is certainly a part of the overall problem.

Blame Bush, but dont harp on this issue, just use that directive to focus all of the negative emotions we have right now, and aim it towards an issue that will serve us all well into the future - the ousting of George W. Bush, his neocon hoods, the religious right, and the ditto head freepers.

I believe that there is an enourmous amount at stake, and here's why--

We are in the midst of a war. It's not a civil war, because it's not civilian against civilian.

This is the war of the powers over the people.

This isn't a battle fought with guns, it's a battle fought with computers, typewriters, and radio waves. It's a battle of information, and my friends, we are losing that battle.

We are losing because we are in this war, and we didn't even know it! Well, some knew it, perhaps, and many more are becoming aware of this war as the votes are tallied in California.

Now we need to focus on our mission, with all the energy of a soldier in combat. The analogy is appropriate.

I propose we start a new forum here at DU, one concerning tactical operations, or whatever the proper term would be. A forum where we plan information attacks on the right, where we organize and train, a base for our operations. We have GOT to organize a real Democratic Underground, a force not unlike the French Underground in WW2.

If you are interested, please respond here or PM me. so we can present it to Skinner. We need military minds, computer programmers, activists, radicals, graphic artists, anything and anyone you can think of... Everyone on my ignore list is currently off, and I want to talk to anyone and everyone that wants to help.

Will Pitt, we need your help, your words, and your voice. Jaicinto, I've heard you suggest something similar in the past, are you still up to it? Anyone! Please close ranks today, lets work togther!

Let's get it together here. If we do, the Democrats of the future may look back at DU with the same respect with which we look at Thomas Paine and his Common Sense.

If we do nothing, there may not be any Democrats in our future. Are we ready?

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (Through 2005) Donate to DU

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