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Reply #43: God dammit! Just when I think fundies couldn't sink any lower, [View All]

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Ladyhawk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-26-05 11:02 AM
Response to Original message
43. God dammit! Just when I think fundies couldn't sink any lower,
Edited on Mon Sep-26-05 11:05 AM by Ladyhawk
they go and prove me wrong.

KyndCulture, I was raised by fundies and have had a lot of experience with the "Assembly of God" types. My social studies teacher (at a fundy school) went to a church that was very similar to the Assembly of God and he was batshit crazy. He thought Jiminy Cricket from the Disney film Pinocchio was satanic because he sang "When You Wish upon a Star." My social studies teacher said Jiminy was alluding to astrology, which is satanic. Alrighty then.

When I got to college, the friends I had grown up with in fundy school abandoned me because I wasn't being a good enough Christian in their eyes. My crime? I was depressed. Christians don't get depressed, so obviously my "walk with Christ" was not right. These friends even tried to cast a demon out of me. Yeah, that works great for depression. :sarcasm:

Your boyfriend's mother is in deep trouble, KyndCulture. I've never completely recovered from the betrayal I endured and it sounds like Mom is headed down the same path. My friends' betrayal is one of the things that led to my questioning the entire religion, but it was a long, painful process and I had to go it all alone. At this point in her life, I doubt Mom will be able to question the religious construct, but if she does, her entire world view may crumble and that will leave her feeling very lost.

At this point she is thinking, "Either God is wrong or I'm wrong." Of course, in order to keep her faith, she'll have to assume she's wrong, which will cause her to sink further into depression.

There is a third option that works for some fundies being betrayed by other fundies, and yes, fundies betray each other all the time. Because of their belief in original sin, fundies can never feel godly enough, so they either feel inadequate or project that inadequacy on others to make themselves feel better.

The third option for Mom is to blame the church and the people in it for not being godly enough. At this point in her life if Mom loses her religion, her whole world view, it could have disastrous results, so finding another church would probably be the best option for her. If you can find a liberal church in the area (a liberal Episcopalian or Lutheran church might do), perhaps you could encourage her to attend it, or perhaps call the priest / pastor and have him talk with her.

If the Ass of God church follows through, Mom is in big emotional trouble.

Good luck.

Edited for typos, etc.
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