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undergroundpanther Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-29-05 04:39 PM
Response to Reply #20
24. Well
If you want to protect property and are willing to kill for it,maybe you should learn how to share.If I had a business I'd give my stuff away.
Why? Because If I had a business I'd have money in the bank set aside. Some of those people don't have money or anything set aside or a home,nothing and they have just lost whatever they had possibly loved ones. It is the least I could do to help. Maybe they could sell what I give them and on that money could survive until they found work or the welfare checks came in.

See for me,my"property" myself mine I means nothing,In a hurricane like that if I lived I'd count myself lucky. I don't need to protect the property when I value people more than what I got.My money would be safe in my bank.I could live on that,collect insurance or get out of business and get work. Life goes on without me but my property could help others who need more than I do...I realize if I had a business my success was due to the people paying for the stuff they bought at a markup from the distributor price. I made money because I upped the cost and they paid.. I think a disaster would be time to GIVE BACK to them..

This is where you and I differ ethically. I realize in a hurricane like Katrina,I could be dead at any moment, and so could alot of others.So what is my property worth to me after I am dead? Why hoard while I got a financial cushion? My property given to others could mean survival for someones baby,a down payment to rent a home,transportation out of the city,Someones burial costs,a medical later in the month.Liquid assets like valuables can become transformed into funds for necessities easily. I am surprised so many people forget this,when looking from afar.

Also I know damn well there are career thieves and opportunists that are looting for profit in the mix of people .
And I don't care.. I am not some gatekeeper with the audacity to pick and choose who gets based on the most convincing sob stories I hear or on who looks like they are suffering the most. Fuck that game.I'd give what I got until it's gone.And than I'd start over like everyone else..I am not going to apply social darwinism in a disaster. People are desperate.I got, so I would give.I value life and easing of suffering over property ownership and me, mine, my,oink. OK?
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