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Reply #21: Did you ever think it might be true, though, in a way, or maybe in more [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-29-05 05:17 PM
Response to Original message
21. Did you ever think it might be true, though, in a way, or maybe in more
than a way, that 9/11 "...was Gods judgment on America for our tolerance of gays, feminists and the ACLU."

These ego-balloons who dare to speak for God are always telling us what THEY think, what's on THEIR minds, and what THEY want. It has nothing to do with God. It's all projection, and, in the case of Robertson, projection informed by little tidbits and hints he picks up at his weekly dinners at the White House (so I hear).

When they say "God's judgment," they mean, "MY judgment."

So...our tolerance for gays, our tolerance for feminists, and our defense of our civil and constitutional rights ("the ACLU") are what got us into trouble on 9/11. Hm-m-m. How so? It's not because Arabs and Muslims hate us for these things. They couldn't care less how we live, if we would just stop putting U.S. military bases in their countries, at the behest of the dictators whom we have installed to rule over them.

No, no, who is it who really cares about our tolerance for gays, and for free women and our staunch defense of our civil rights? God, which is equivalent to Pat Robertson and all the other ego-gasbag preachers and billionaire funders of rightwing lunacy. It is our own MINORITY right-wing which has been unable to stop progress, and has been unable to convince anything close to a majority that theocracy and fascism are really fun ideas for government. They can hardly get a word in edgewise in this raucous, progressive democracy where all men and woman are created equal, etc. So THEY did 9/11! It was THEIR (i.e., God's) judgment on all of us. If we won't be ruled over and force-fed by rightwing preachers, then, by God, they would call down the wrath of their own demonic personalities upon us--and topple the Babel-like towers in that cesspool of gay feminazism, New York City.

I've had a lot of dark thoughts about various entities who benefited from 9/11 and who may have been in a position to pull it off. But it never occurred to me to look to the biggest beneficiaries of all, the demons and ghouls of rightwing "Christianity"--the "kill a commie for Christ" crowd (of youthful memory), and their--rather a new phenomenon--billionaire financial backers.

You see, when Robertson said that thing about Chavez--calling for his assassination--I got to thinking. I'd never paid the least attention to this charlatan, and barely knew who he was. (Funny, that's what Chavez said, when he first heard it: "I don't even know who this guy is.") And what I was thinking was, Robertson sitting around the Jefferson dining room (ah, me!) porking it out with the other poodles and lapdogs that the Bush Cartel has hanging around them, and picking up on the talk about Chavez, and--idiot and lunatic that he is--blurting it out in public, and maybe even blowing their assassination scheme. Har-har, I thought. Cat's outa the bag.

But now I'm thinking that--while Robertson does seem to be an idiot and a lunatic--he may be something more. He may be speaking for the collective id--for the dirtiest, darkest, most demonic inner being--of the rightwing billionaire funders of "Christian" fascism. We're getting a hit, from Robertson, from the highly deranged psyches of these "Anti-Christs" who lust with the desire to judge and to punish those who will not be ruled by them.

And, by saying that it was God's--that is, HIS, Robertson's, and these other wingers'--judgment on gays and women and the ACLU, he was literally telling us what they did. They judged us as unruleable, and brought the "wrath of God"--THEIR wrath--down upon us, turning us into helpless, powerless, disenfranchised, un-american jelly in the hands of Herr Bush and his puppeteers.

Jelly to be molded into compliant slaves and cannon fodder. Jelly to be told when and where and how to have sex. Jelly to be taxed, and looted, and squeezed of every independent thought. Jelly to jiggle with fear at every silly "terrorist alert." Jelly to kneel, to worship the pricks of the great, and to shut up.

Oh, my, I think I'm onto something here. And, when that didn't work so well--Americans really are thinking people (more on this in a minute)--they had to figure out something else, and the far rightwing funded ES&S electronic banking and voting machine company, and its brother, Diebold (CEO running the Bush/Cheney campaign in Ohio), came to mind, and the rest is history, as they say. (--or no history, if they succeed).

Well, I have no evidence for it--other than my real strong gut feeling that Robertson may be a leaky filter of some kind--a window into the dank, shadowy dungeon of the gothic right--and maybe we should pay closer attention to what he actually says (rather than just reacting with open mouthed horror). And that may be true of a lot of the fascist mutterers we've been afflicted with (Gordan Liddy comes to mind, and Sean Hannity). Not what they plan to do--or what we fear they might do--but what they HAVE DONE may be right there in front of us.

As for the American people, and their ability to think, while under merciless attack from war profiteering corporate news monopolies: 58% of the American people opposed the Iraq war BEFORE the invasion, way back in Feb. '03--before all the lies were exposed, before the full horror and costs of it were known. Across the board in all polls. 58%! That number dipped only once, during the weeks of the invasion, when U.S. troops were at max risk, and then went right back up to nearly 60%, and is over 70% today. The American people NEVER supported this war.

One other stat (my favorite): 63% of the American people oppose torture UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. May '04. That's not a fearful or unthinking people--or anybody's jelly. That's a people who sticks by their sense of justice and fairness and lawfulness, despite relentless fearmongering, and despite an utter collapse of morality at the highest levels of our government. That's a people to be proud of, and a people worthy of their rightful place as the only true sovereigns of this once great democracy called America.

There is a reason that these ids and gargoyles and vampires of the right are assaulting us. We have the potential power to drive THEIR masters--the greedbag corporate rulers--from their financial thrones--the power of our sovereignty as a people, and our vote (when we recover that right). They greatly fear us, and rightfully so--as they fear Hugo Chavez, a just and high-minded man, and a duly elected and popular leader. And their two-year-old's desire to smear feces over these good things--over good-hearted tolerance, and a sense of justice, and over real freedom and democracy--becomes more evident every day. And maybe that's what they did, on that awful morning, when that psycho they call "God" turned their "liberal" enemies into dust.

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