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Reply #62: Baker Botts means Bush Business with Petrodollar-flush bin Ladens [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-22-05 08:36 AM
Response to Reply #48
62. Baker Botts means Bush Business with Petrodollar-flush bin Ladens
Absolutely pegged them, Raticito! For all his service to the reptilian class, Baker doesn't somehow seem so shady as the Bushlers. Guess it shows you can't buy class.

Speaking of money...

The secret relationship of
George Bush, Big Oil and Osama bin Laden

MARCH 17, 2002

Today's Silk Road Might Carry Black Gold

The New York Times has finally mentioned the fact that Unocal (formerly Union 76) stands to make millions on a pipeline it has publicly said it has no connections to - 10 days after TennTimes - the News carried the worldwide exclusive.

If you were to tell the average American that George H. W. Bush (that's Bush the Elder) was in a business partnership with Osama bin Laden, they would probably look at you like you were crazy - or had been watching too many re-runs of "The X-Files."

At first, George the Bigger denied having any sort of relationship with the bin Laden clan, but when his spokeswoman was confronted in early 2000 with a note that the former president had sent to the bin Ladens, thanking them for their hospitality, he furiously began to backpedal. And this was long before that infamous September morning in New York.

Much later, when Melanie Warner was writing her article "The Big Guys WOrk for the Carlyle Group" for Fortune (March 18, 2002), she smugly thought any link between the two was strictly hogwash. In fact, she begins her article with the words:

"Are you the sort of person who believes in conspiracies--the Trilateral Commission secretly runs the world, that sort of thing? Well, then, here's a company for you. The Carlyle Group, a Washington, D.C., buyout firm, is one of the nation's largest defense contractors. It has billions of dollars at its disposal and employs a few important people. Maybe you've heard of them: former Secretary of State Jim Baker, former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, and former White House budget director Dick Darman. Wait, we're just getting warmed up. William Kennard, who recently headed the FCC, and Arthur Levitt, who just left the SEC, also work for Carlyle. As do former British Prime Minister John Major and former Philippines President Fidel Ramos. Let's see, are we forgetting anyone? Oh, right, former President George Herbert Walker Bush is on the payroll too.

"The firm also has about a dozen investors from Saudi Arabia, including, until recently, the bin Laden family. Yes, those bin Ladens. Is it any wonder that Internet sites with names like are rife with stories about Carlyle's shadowy, corrupt global network?"


Ten years ago, then-President George H. W. Bush launched that famous Gulf War against Saddam Hussein, claiming Hussein had launched a surprise attack on Kuwait. Once our own counter-invasion started, for some strange reason we got almost within sight of the walls of Baghdad - and stopped, leaving Saddam in power. It made General "Stormin'" Norman Schwartzkopf so angry he quit in disgust.

It wasn't until later that the world discovered Saddam had actually consulted with the United States' Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, complaining that Kuwait was stealing Iraqi oil by drilling in sideways from the Kuwaiti side of the border and tapping into the Iraqi oil reserves across the border.


Small world, huh? And very, very bad.

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