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Reply #39: "I have no idea how we can continue to let this happen."-James Moore [View All]

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Response to Reply #7
39. "I have no idea how we can continue to let this happen."-James Moore
58% of the American people opposed the Iraq war BEFORE the invasion. I will never forget that stat. Feb. '03. Before all the lies were exposed, before the full costs were known. 58%!

About half of that 58% opposed the war outright. The other half would only approve a UN peacekeeping mission (world consensus)--not pre-emptive, unilateral war by Bush.

63% of the American people oppose torture UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. May '04. Not a fearful people. Not a people that gives up their sense of justice, ethics and lawfulness easily under pressure.

Now, how is it that we had war anyway--a bloody, awful war in which over 100,000 Iraqis were slaughtered in the initial bombing alone (according to the British doctors' report), and that continues to this day in a bloody military occupation--despite the great majority of Americans opposing it?

And how is it that our country is torturing people, people who are being held without charge for indefinite periods--torture of innocents, in other words--and torture with not even the slightest shred of necessity--with the great majority of Americans opposing torture UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES?

Where is "consent of the governed"? Where is majority rule? Where is democracy in this picture?

Meanwhile--while the Bush Cartel plotted a war that the great majority of Americans opposed even before they knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and while the Bush Cartel furthermore instituted the torture of prisoners in violation of dozens of laws, as well as the will of the great majority of Americans--buddies of the Bush Cartel, major donors and campaign chairs who owned electronic voting machine companies, forced the states to sign contracts in which the tabulation of the votes in the 2004 presidential election would be controlled with "trade secret," proprietary software--software so secret that not even Secretaries of State and other election officials could review it.

Bush's "pod people" in Congress readily agreed that major Bush donors and supporters should count all the votes in secret--and acted to prevent even the slightest control of this kind of "election"--say, a paper trail that might make such "elections" recountable and auditable. Democrats in Congress whimpered a bit about the lack of a paper trail but raised no ruckus about unauditable elections or even about Bushites counting all the votes in secret.

Hard to figure the Democrats--the word "suicidal" comes to mind--but perhaps the $4 billion in porkbarrel money to the states--to be poured into the pockets of the major Bush donors who own the voting machine companies, through the hands of both Democratic and Republican election officials--goes some way to explain the silence of the Democratic leadership on the important question of who would be counting Americans' votes, and how, in 2004. Also likely influential: the lavish lobbying junkets, and wining, dining and future jobs offers for those who signed over Americans' right to vote to private corporations to hold as a "trade secret."

This transformation of the election system into a non-transparent, unverifiable, and also unreliable and extremely hackable, private boondoggle controlled by Bushites went virtually unremarked and black-holed by the US corporate news monopolies. A few alarmed techies and Ph.D.'s cried foul. They were ignored (except by California Secretary of State Kevin Shelly, who sued one of the Bushite voting machine companies, Diebold, for lying to him about the security of their machines--but he was soon forced out of office by rumors about his dishonesty and lack of money to defend himself with--one of the last honest election officials in the country, abandoned by his own party, whose other California leaders cowered in their closets for fear of similar Bushite black ops against THEM, or were too busy doling out fat state contracts to Diebold and brethren for all sorts of state electronic systems.)

Then they held the 2004 "election." The Democrats had blown the Republicans away in new voter registration in 2004, nearly 60/40. People were flocking to the Democratic Party in hatred of the Bush Cartel and its war, and determined to oust them. Dick Cheney flew off the Hawaii, two days before the election, dropping newsturds along the way about how Hawaii was promising to turn "red," and he was going there to stump for votes (Hawaii!), but, in reality, getting himself into position for a major "terrorist alert" shutdown of the west coast vote, should the electronic voting scam fail on the east coast, and should the other little surprises that they had in store for Democratic voters in the swing states, such as Ohio, prove insufficient. They figured they could handle a mid-size Kerry landslide--but who knows what the American people might do?; they'd given them reason to be good and pissed off. They might have to stop it by other means--and they'd been prepping for that contingency for many weeks, by planting phony "terrorist alerts" in the newstream, even one involving a California grammer school.

Come the "election." People flocking to the polls. Biggest turnout in history. Bad news for Republicans. Every evidence of a big Kerry win. Momentum on his side. Zogby says no way could Bush win--his approval rating much too low. Huge, spontaneous crowds showing up for Kerry everywhere. Thousands of get out the vote volunteers. People standing in 10 hour lines to vote.

And all day long, the news monopoly exit polls showed a decisive Kerry win of both the popular vote (by 3%) and the Electoral vote, in both state and national exit polls (that is, the polls of voters as they left the voting booth)--despite all the purges of black voters in Ohio and Florida, despite the shorting of Democratic precincts and voting machines, despite all the disappeared absentee ballots, despite the RNC-funded shredding of Democratic voter registration cards, despite every dirty trick in the book. Kerry was winning.

The news monopolies then, acting in concert, began to FALSIFY their own exit poll numbers on everybody's TV screens on election night, "ADJUSTING" the exit polls (which Kerry won, definitively) to fit the "official tally" (Bush won) that was being fed to them from Bushite-controlled central vote tabulators, run on secret, proprietary software. Thus, the American people never knew that there were two sets of numbers on election night: one of them saying Kerry won, the other saying Bush won--with the latter being a highly suspect, unverifiable number.

Same situation as they had in the Ukraine--but the Ukrainians got to see the two separate numbers, and knew that something was very wrong. Not so in Amerika, where the public was denied major evidence of election fraud, thus squelching protests and cries for investigation.

The Democrats, who had great numbers going into the election, and who, after the 2000 election debacle, had repeatedly promised that "every vote would be counted," immediately caved in, without a fight--rolled over, played dead, and were never heard from again. Except for John Conyers and Barbara Boxer, and the House Black Caucus, the Democratic leadership didn't even seem to notice the massive, blatant violations of the Voting Rights Act in Ohio--let alone the stunning indications of widespread electronic fraud in the eastern time zone.

To be fair, with faster-than-the-speed-of light electronic vote stealing on a massive scale, and all the news monopolies colluding, and the Congress full of Bush "pod people," and the Supreme Court having already disgraced itself, in 2000, bending over for the Bush Cartel, the Democrats didn't have a prayer of winning an election challenge. There is much truth to that.

But there is also truth in this: the Democratic leadership had sold out their constituents' right to vote way back in 2002-2003, when they let Bushite companies Diebold and ES&S get control of the vote tabulation, without so much as a squeak of protest.

And there is truth in this: A good half of them approve of Bush's war--voted for it, keep funding it--despite the overwhelming disapproval of their constituents, and would just as soon the Republicans take the rap for the deaths and the cost. They can hit 'em with it in '06 and '08, and just be appalled at those incompetent, thieving Bushites.

I started this post with James Moore's quote: "I have no idea how we can continue to let this happen."

We, the American people, are not "letting this happen." We have no control over the situation whatsoever. WE have been against this war from the beginning--58% of us BEFORE the invasion--and now in even bigger numbers, an utterly overwhelming majority. We opposed it. It happened anyway. We voted it down. It still goes on. And now even Republicans are turning against it. And still it goes on and on and on.

Election reform, friends! We've got to throw Diebold and ES&S and Sequoia electronic voting machines into "Boston Harbor," and start over. They have hijacked our election system, and taken away our right to vote. And we must get it back. We must!

We need...

1. Paper ballots, hand counted at the precinct level. (They do it that way in Canada, in one day!) (--and speed should not be a consideration anyway)

or, at the least...

2. Paper ballot (not "paper trail") backup of all electronic voting machines, strict auditing and security, and NO SECRET, PROPRIETARY PROGRAMMING CODE!

We must! People are dying because we have not.

And in that sense--and in that sense only--we have "permitted this to happen." We were not vigilant about protecting our right to vote. And we had better get vigilant now, before it's too late. Forget Congress doing anything (and beware of them making it worse). Get on your state and local election officials. Demand transparent, verifiable elections.

The lives of your children and grandchildren may depend upon it.
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