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"It was so obvious that this poor woman was going to be swift-boated." [View All]

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understandinglife Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-08-05 09:27 PM
Original message
"It was so obvious that this poor woman was going to be swift-boated."
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It's just sad.

So there's this woman and she has this incredible loss in her life, and she blames the president and wants him to bring the troops home right away.

This leads to stories in the New York Times, CNN, the Chicago Tribune, and many more. ....


The situation is incredibly tense. The administration wants to be polite to a mother who has lost her son in Iraq. But what I'm waiting for is the backlash. At what point will the smear campaign launch against Cindy Sheehan the way it did against Joe Wilson.

And I guess that point is right now. They didn't even have the decency to let me finish my blog post. You can always count on Matt Drudge to trot out the White House talking points.

From Mother of Fallen Soldier Becomes Victim of Smear Campaign by Stephen Elliott on August 8, 2005

More at the link:

And, Mr Elliot is not the only one who gets it.

The story certainly seems compelling; an angry mom camped out in the 100 degree heat waiting out a reluctant president who refuses to meet with her and respond to her simple question: Why did my son die in Iraq? Yes, reporters have taken an interest. But as has become customary since 2003 with any antiwar protest story, the press has proceeded with extreme caution.


Read here why Matt Drudge's attempted take down of Sheehan today is hollow and misleading.

From CNN Hearts Britney Spears by Eric Boehlert on August 8, 2005

Read the very clever way Mr Boehlert sticks it to the media, particularly CNN at:

Ms Sheehan has Bush and the neoconsters in a place they never anticipated - they are in a corner and all the walls are made of truth and courage.

They can call on Matt and Karl and all the other liars, sycophants and fellow war criminals at their disposal and all that will do is make the contrast obvious to even the brain dead.

They are criminals. Anyone who provides them with any opportunity to spin, any venue for more lies are aiding and abetting their crimes.

Ms Sheehan has done what Rosa Parks, and Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela and a few others have - she has once again demonstrated the extraordinary power of a single citizen to bring the white-hot intensity of truth to evil.

Crawford Texas got a lot hotter when she arrived and no matter where Georgie and the neoconsters now run, that heat is going to follow them.

That is our duty in honor of Ms Sheehan's courage.

Tonight all of humanity thanks you Ms Sheehan.

Matthew Donaldson, an independent visual artist from Auckland. On this, the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima's bombing, my grief for all of those murdered and yet to be murdered by America's weapons - of mass destruction or otherwise - overwhelms me said Matt.

It overwhelms me, as well, Mathew.

Peace. - How ever long it takes, the day must come when tens of millions of caring individuals peacefully but persistently defy the dictator, deny the corporatists their cash flow, and halt the evil being done in Iraq and in all the other places the Bu$h neoconster regime is destroying civilization and the environment in the name of "America."

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