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Reply #68: out Rove as Gay [View All]

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buddha8 Donating Member (73 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-22-05 10:48 AM
Response to Original message
68. out Rove as Gay
Sorry but its time to dispense with all the legalities and do exactly what Rove with do if he was having to deal with himself. It is so simple and it is staring us all in the face.

Its commonly held beltway knowledge that Rove is a gay man and been seen at gay watering holes around the city. There needs to be now a 24/7 lurid tale told of his escapades complete with old playmates showing up on cameras giving interviews and all manner of salacious tales. This will effectively and immediately end his career. It is long since, long since time that the Left employ some of the same tactics used so effectively against them. It is incredibly silly that the one weapon that would be used against any of our side should go unused against theirs. Sorry to discuss this in such terms but do you want to remove this man from the scene and discredit him forever? Do you want to put a stain on Bush much,much dirtier than the one left on the Blue dress? Oh, you don't sink that low? Think again. Rove is by virtue of his machinations a killer,an architect for mass murder,treason,world instability,grand theft,etc. and you are telling me you can't stoop to this level. You would rather wait for the Special Prosecutor. This guy is much smarter than Fitzgerald.

Rove must be outed and it must be the talk of the town 24/7. What happens to their Christian base when they learn to their horror that the man closest to their beloved President is flaming and 'perverted'. I say go the whole 9 yards. Uncover it all. Find out if he likes to dress up or get whipped or if he does little boys. A man like this is a sadist and is more than likely to express his sadism and masochism sexually as well.

And incidentally. How about Bush? A guy who surrounds himself with homosexuals like Rove and McClellan? A guy who loudly overcompensates for his cowardice by posing as a Texas tough guy. Is he overcompensating for being gay as well? Quite possibly. You out Rove and you get the goods on Gannon. You then find out what in the world he was doing staying overnight in the White House on countless occasions. Then all hell breaks loose.

Progressives have never understood how to talk to the lower class. Sorry but its a fact. The only thing the lower class which is a large chunk of the bush base could not stomach are homosexuals in and around the White House. Mass Murder and treason and War Crimes are no big deal but Homos are out, last straw. Wake up people! What was it that got Clinton? Its the Blue Dress, Stupid!
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