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Reply #26: Its a bigot to dislike the military [View All]

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sweetheart Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-07-05 07:57 PM
Response to Reply #22
26. Its a bigot to dislike the military
I like that one sided logic, you must have learned it in the military.

Frankly, i hardly ever write about "those who serve" on DU. Other longer
term members on DU can attest to this. I really spend no time at all
in military threads, or discussing it in any way. My only comments are
repeatedly that we should cut the military budget by 50% at LEAST.
and end the war on drugs as well. NO wars... none.

So, yes my bigotry is to cut the military down to size and keep it
humble answering to civilian command like it is supposed to.

The bigotry has come about with "have you served" and that ruse of
social pretense. You are the one who started with that crap here
in our chat, so spare me the bigot line. You've sought out to make
this personal, about "me" being a bigot. Ad hominem is the way
republicans argue... and the way they teach the military to argue as
well. Shoot reporters in iraq, so they can't talk. Its the ultimate
version of an ad hominem argument.

I don't meet any people who've fed the poor or cared for the homeless
prancing around the sort of social egotism we get from the military
persons. Those people, who are performing much more noble jobs
if we are to deem some jobs morally noble, act humbly and do not
ask or pretend "have you served."... just because they teach it in
the military does not make it noble, or american.

I really enjoy our discussion, as it explores areas of social
pretense and the implied timocracy in our society, that military
persons have some divine right, like that general clark was more
qualified to be a civilian president because he's commanded lots of
people who say "yes sir". Here in civilian life, we don't kiss ass
like that, and we ahve lots of bile about being oppressed by a
militarist oligarchy.

Military people take money from the public, they are the ultimate
welfare queens, for all the talk of service... real men indeed, is
a meme that the republicans proved is totally debunkable by the
way they took out john kerry this past election. There is no
nobility in anything military, even winning medals for valour or
purple hearts. If you like the low pay, then cool, but don't
expect gratitude, or people to respond to have-you-served-bigotry
with anything but a return volley.
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