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Clark in NY last night. My report. [View All]

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Original message
Clark in NY last night. My report.
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Edited on Tue Sep-23-03 01:08 PM by Bleachers7
This is a followup to Janes post which will be on wesleyclarkweblog soon. You are all getting an exclusive first peak.

Read this first if you haven't.

Last night was another great night for the Clark campaign. Jane has said more than I could remember. I think I might have seen her at one point, but am not sure.

It was a mob scene. I am one of the volunteers so I got in there early. He had three parties in NY after the South Carolina event. One was a high dollar event. Then there were two lower level one's. I was at the low dollar event. There was nowhere to stand. We were jammed.

The crowd was as Jane described. It was a 20's to 40's NY sophisticated crowd. It was almost stereotypical NY chic. They were charged up and ready to hear General Clark. We gained many volunteers, but we need so many more in NY and everywhere. There is no end to the amount of work you could be doing to help Clark in any location.

Jane is right. Clark is the Real Deal! I have felt this way the couple times I have seen him. He is not like these other politicians. He has his own style. It is a very serious, but friendly style. Clark is an ideological liberal. His views range from left to right. There is nothing right of moderate. He spoke about the new American patriotism, the environment, education, and having the strongest most capable and respectable military in the world.

General Clark spoke very inspirationally about volunteerism. And there is no better voice than his. He could have been a high roller in NY with his wife (who is from NY). He chose to go to the military. Clinton talked about volunteerism and it was OK. Bush talks about it, but he's a jackass. Clark reminded me of Kennedy. They both fought and were almost killed, both young, both smart, and both love America. Kennedy probably liked girls a little more. ;-)

About the "Give them Hell" thing, that was me. He spoke about Truman in Knoxville and mentioned it. He got into Rove and friends and I knew I could set it up. So at some point, he built up the room to a cheer. I yelled out "GIVE THEM HELL", and he responded immediately with "I'm going to give them the TRUTH and they'll THINK it's hell." Of course that's a famous exchange that Truman once had. These are the historical times we live in.

He is very good in person. You can trust him. We keep catching him telling the TRUTH. We were all impressed with him last night. He shook hands and spoke personally to almost everyone in this place. It is always personal with him. He shakes your hand, looks you in the eye, and cares. I hope that he does the town hall meeting thing. He is excellent one on one, and I think people would like it.

I am telling all citizens of this country, Democrat, Republican, and all others. This guy is OK. You may not agree with his social policies, but he will protect you and help you as a citizen. Dean, Kerry, Bush and all other supporters have nothing to worry about with Clark.

The other candidates are going to have a lot of trouble beating Wesley Clark. The presidency is about leadership. You do not have to be a lawyer to be President. You just have to be able to make decisions. Wesley Clark is one of the brightest people I have ever met, and I am more confident than ever that he is here for US.

OK, now the juicy stuff. There was at least one diplomat at my party. Charlie Rangel was at a couple of the parties. I heard that Ben Stiller, Bianca Jagger and a couple other notable people were at the other parties. The high dollar event was "intense" according to people that volunteered. A famous musician that is supporting one of the candidates from the northeast was at one of the parties. I don't know what that's about, but it was supposedly a big deal. I leave it for you to figure out.

And one last thing; I got to shake his hand (again). I said to him: "You said in Knoxville that we wouldn't be afraid of guys like Limbaugh. They are coming after you." He said: "Limbaugh's full of shit." I have to agree. He said that he is not going to sink to their level. He said that he needs us to call the radio stations and do what needs to be done.

So that was my experience. Hot, sweaty, powerful, and somewhat intense. I will repeat this one more time. Clark is OK. He has said that he is running for us. General Clark would be a President that we could all be proud of.

On edit. He also said Al Frankens going after them. We should all read his latest book. I am on page 260. It is perfect for us.
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