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What I'd do, If I Were Senator Hillary Clinton [View All]

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MrScorpio Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-30-05 10:55 PM
Original message
What I'd do, If I Were Senator Hillary Clinton
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Edited on Mon May-30-05 11:46 PM by MrScorpio
Apparently the Freepers are going apeshit because this fundraiser organizer guy for Senator Clinton, David Rosen, was acquitted of committing fraud.

The Freepies erupted with their typical Anti-Clinton vitriol, harking back to the good old days when we actually had some legitimate leadership in OUR White House.

That just got me to thinking about all of this and how it relates to her future plans.

Now, I have no idea whether she's going to run for the presidency or not. Frankly, I think that it would be a bad idea, considering the fact that she's pretty much a lock for a return to her Senate seat and can remain there and have a long and distinguished career. That's a lot to consider when you oppose it with a sure-fire defeat, if she makes the mistake to vie for a presidential bid, in my humble opinion of course. That angry white male vote would just explode all over the place.

Despite whatever her plans are, the Freeps and their fellow travelers are unyielding in their rhetoric that she's going to run for it. You can't spend five minutes stomaching their BS without their thoroughly unhealthy obsession rearing its mangled and well-worn face. It's so true that they can never get enough Clintonmania. It's almost like they mainline the stuff.

The Cons and their mouthpieces have spent a lot of time, effort and rhetoric to organize against a candidacy that doesn't even exit. It's mind boggling to think about how much time and money has been spent by these guys, when you consider even the lack of any exploratory measures by the Senator.

Call me a manipulative bastard, but I can't help to see the positive aspects to this.

- Imagine, if you will, if all of the time and money that these poor, pathetic dimwits have spent to oppose a Clinton presidential campaign would, in fact, double... or even triple. All of that time that they would otherwise spend on local republican party campaigns. All of the grassroots organizing that would be undercut by the lack of participation, because of all the people who are dedicated to "Stopping Hillary".

- Imagine all of the people who would find out that they're sick and tired of hearing the same old crap from the phalanx of republican puppets who are non-stop in their rantings against "Hitlery" and bother to turn the channel to more wholesome information and entertainment. Think about the blow to the credibility of the Right-Wing propaganda corps, in the eyes of the average republican supporter, when they realize that they're been sold a bill of goods after the Senator's true actions proves that all of the mouth pieces were dead wrong.

- Imagine the utter paranoia that would be exitbited by Farmer Joe, his wife and sixteen kids in Lower Bushistan after absorbing a steady diet of Rush, Sean, Michael, Anne. Imagine if you, would happen if, after two or three years of dedicating their lives to keeping their sworn enemy out of the White House, they end up with the anti-climax to end all anti-climaxes... The realization that Senator Clinton is not running at all for the White House at all, but instead has decided to defend her senatorial incumbency.

All she has to do to divert all of those republican resources from those that need it the most is hint that a presidential bid is in the works. A sly smile, or offhanded non-answer when she's confronted by the media. A close friend or two throwing out into the ether an aside that the Senator is speculating about how great a presidential candidate she would make. A few well connected non-conservative bloggers pining over seeing another Clinton in the White House again. Some vague comment on her future plans. This that and the other thing. Nothing committal at all. Not even a dollar spent.

There already is plenty of speculation on all sides about a bid. Despite the prospect of a surefire Democratic Party Nomination, there just is too much animosity out there for her to overcome.

In the mind of your average right wing puke, her dodgy comments on running would constitute a sure-fire confirmation of their worst fears, she's gonna run. And no effort would be too great, no amount of money too large and no amount of rhetoric too inflammatory to stop that Satan spawn from sitting from behind the most important desk on the planet. Let's face it, they never ignore an opportunity to go after her, even when they have nothing. Why not give then some ammunition that WE can use?

In the interim, a few republicans running in other smaller and deemed less important races could possibly sulk hopelessly as they see their own meager campaign coffers run pitifully dry, while the big money is going doing the rabbit hole.

We'd all would benefit greatly if fewer republicans gain or regain office, right?

But that's just me talking out of my ass.
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