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monicab Donating Member (131 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-22-05 07:15 AM
Response to Reply #145
161. here's the corrected post.. :-)
The situation of life for the soldiers involved in this conflict is wrong all the way around right now. On the installations here in the states, the preparation and the support is not what it should be for young men and women going to war. Remember... these are kids, many just out of High School. One of Kevin's greatest concerns was the lack of real preparation for what they face in a combat zone. HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS... should be spending their summer with their first real job, or preparing to go to college in the fall, having summer relationships, taking their first trip on their own, whole days at the beach burned to a crisp, hangovers from a few extra illicit beers.... you know.. "kid stuff."

HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS are dying. We'll reserve another post for the Iraqi's.. they deserve it, and we in no way belittle what they are going through. BUT.. our goal is to stop the madness. To do that, we have to face what all of this is doing to OUR country, and OUR citizens. Until we face what is being done to OUR OWN, the madness won't stop.. because not enough of our own have enough respect for people of other countries to make it stop.

When Kevin was in Iraq, he slept every night on a cement floor with a sleeping bag. They were in a bombed out customs building that they took over as their base camp. They were given two liters of water A DAY, and it was 123 degrees during the day, EVERY day. They basically ate MRE's.. pre-fab food, that looked more like paper than anything edible. They bathed in the Tigris River, washed their clothes there (if you could call it that - I washed sand out of his DCU's for three washings before they began to look salvageable when he returned. His feet took 3 months to heal. There were cuts and blisters and toenails missing... it was ridiculous.

I sent them a package every week.. average 35 pounds. They requested koolaid to make the water taste like anything except water.. canned fruit, vegetables... soups.. canned hams, canned turkey... and lots of sox.

Now we here that Taco Bell has just signed a contract to build the first of their franchises in Iraq. There are so many fastfood chains over there now... Kevin's unit, when preparing to deploy, was told that there would be A/C and separate barracks rooms, that they would have computer access to take college courses in their spare time.. there would be mini-malls and recreation facilities. We haven't heard about any of those from the soldiers we know. We have heard that in the first two months of Kevin's unit deploying, they lost 17 soldiers, and many more wounded. Doubt there was too much recreating going on.

Back on post.. again.. how do you prepare for war? Kevin will tell you about his experiences with young soldiers.

HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS ARE DYING. Don't forget that, please. Please pass that along.. and hope that it makes the impression intended. These kids are manning machine guns, and firing M-16's. These kids are being shot at.. FOR WHAT?

These kids have young 18 yr. old wives waiting for them.. here.. in our living room. They cry - they are so afraid. They know every idiosyncrasy of their husband - they worry if anyone in their husband's unit knows of them. They worry if their husband is taking his medicine, if he is soaking his feet - if he still loves them when they don't hear from him for two weeks. They wonder if their mail is getting through because they get a phone call, and just when they say HI they are cut off. We tell them it's a satellite phone, it happens all the time. They hesitate to believe us.. they worry. Maybe their husband was just struck by a stray bullet.. or maybe he hung up because he didn't love them anymore.

It goes on.. it's just beginning.. it's crazy.. and it has to end.

THANK YOU for the forum. There are so many people who need what you offer. Don't give up, please. Kevin told soldiers, his friends, "I've got your back." He meant it. I have his.. but we know that we are definitely NOT ALONE. We can feel you all around us.. and we will tell the soldiers we know, their family members and the Iraqis we talk with.. there are many good Americans.. stand up and watch them work.

THIS IS AWESOME!! Thank you.
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