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Regarding the "Fundies": Whateverhappened to JUST PLAIN CRAZY? [View All]

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Tyler Durden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-21-05 11:16 AM
Original message
Regarding the "Fundies": Whateverhappened to JUST PLAIN CRAZY?
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"Our assylums are full of people who think they're Napoleon....or God." Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No.

Say I show up, shaved to the waste in a white pleated silk skirt (the uniform of a high priest in the an ancient religion), stand in the middle of the square in AnyCity, Redstate, USA.

I fall to my knees and start weeping (yes, I'm a pretty fair community theater actor and can cry on demand).

I raise my hands to the sky, and start blubbering, LOUDLY, about my love for MARDUK, brother of Ishtar and King of the skies and how he has changed my life and my eternal devotion to Him and my hope to be raised to Elysium when I die AND IS SPEAKING TO ME RIGHT NOW, and I start relating his words to the growing crowd. I start confronting people about how MARDUK abhors eating meat by setting up my show outside the local McDonalds (not on their property, of course) and start condemning the exiting patrons to eternal damnation for their blasphemy, and that the King must condemn them to DEATH.

I keep this up, sincerely, for about an hour. Does someone call the folks at the local "Happy Hotel" to get me some help (OR to prevent me from hurting myself or others in my obvious delusional state)?

Now substitute JESUS for MARDUK and son of the BVM for brother of Istar, and Heaven for Elysium, the cassock of a Catholic Priest for the Priest of Marduk getup, and the show is moved to the local Democratic party headquarters and features a rant about the depravity of Liberalism, and that all people going in and out are filth and sinners for their support of Women's rights, Choice, and for their indifference to the 10 commandments absolute necessity in schools. I let you all know just where you'll be (likely jail) when the Government finally recognizes the PRIMACY of the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD AND HIS SON JESUS (just to make sure you Jews, Hindus, Muslims, etc don't think you're getting off the hook). Does ANYONE call the folks with the restraints?

Didn't think so.

THIS is why I DO NOT support your "RIGHT" to harangue me with your "WITNESS."
THIS is why I feel any politician who plays the "religion" card every time they spew "GOD BLESS AMERICA!" or swears "SO HELP ME GOD" ought to be run out of the government for violation of the constitution.

If you are religious, and believe you have to wear God on your sleave EVERYWHERE YOU GO, TOUGH SHIT. This is not yet a THEOCRACY, and YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRY TO RECRUIT ME OR MY FAMILY INTO YOUR "CULT."

HOWEVER, IF you keep your private religious beliefs PRIVATE, I have no issue with you in the slightest.

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