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Reply #35: 'The US' provided ideology, built Hitler's private army, war machine, [View All]

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JohnOneillsMemory Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-02-05 08:24 PM
Response to Reply #26
35. 'The US' provided ideology, built Hitler's private army, war machine,
These suppressed facts are what undermine any attempt to claim that people who criticise all the US military has done "are just whining uber-lefties who make us look bad."

Nazi wars and eugenics are as American as apple pie and Ford. Literally.
(The Rise of American Fascism)

The idea of the US saving the world from Hitler is bogus. The US helped create and arm Hitler. After he destroyed Europe, the very same bankers that created the monster managed the billions of dollars of the Marshall Plan to rebuild, just like Halliburton and Iraq. Only now Europe was a sub-set of the American economy. Mission accomplished. /
(Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler)

The Jews were left to fend for themselves. Refugees were turned away from US shores. US-owned factories in Germany were protected from Allied bombing runs.

US corporations and banks supported both Mussolini AND Hitler.
(The Nazi Hydra in America)

Hitler was encouraged by the US 'final solution' for Native Americans and he was financed by Prescott Bush and Averill Harriman's bank which funneled money to Hitler's banker.
(The Bush Family Connection to the Nazis)
(George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography)

Remington rifles (from Dupont) were supplied to Hitler's private army and then US manufacturers armed him to the teeth before AND during the actual fighting of WWII.

Ford, Standard Oil, Alcoa, IBM, and many more.
(The Hemp, Hearst, Rockefeller, Nazi Connection)

As Germany was losing, many Nazis made deals to come to the US and they did. Operation Paperclip brought hundreds of war criminals into the US to form NASA and the CIA.
(CIA Recruited Eichmann's Assistants)

The US left weapons behind in Europe for their pet Nazis to use terrorizing Europe against communism in Operation Gladio. The Vatican was HQ for the US-Nazi 'rat-lines' that let Nazis escape to South America.

...and finally, this is a very comprehensive history of the Nazis and fascists used in US intelligence since 1943:
(The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assasination)
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