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Reply #40: Thanks, oasis! Remember "INSLAW Promis"? [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-31-05 10:01 PM
Response to Reply #14
40. Thanks, oasis! Remember "INSLAW Promis"?
Prosecutor's Management System was INSLAW's program for tracking individual cases through the criminal justice system. The program was so effective Reagan's Justice Department stole it, modified it with special back-doors allowing surreptitious entry by the BFEE, and sold it around the world -- from Canada to Israel.

Greed being a conservative value, Justice didn't pay the inventors and the company felt ripped off. Even though they won every case in court, they lost on appeal to a judge appointed from the government's defense table -- I kid you not. Elliot Richardson (a good and honest Republican who didn't fire Nixon's special prosecutor Archibald Cox) represented the owners i the drawn-out legal battle and couldn't believe what happened.

Of course, the owners got off lucky. They only lost a fortune. Here are the names of many who lost their lives, including several innocent women and children.


by Karen Bixman
Media Bypass Magazine, June, 1995


Affiliated with the Cabazon Indian Reservation, Alfred Alvarez and two friends opposed the takeover of the reservation by Wakenhut Corporation. They were murdered in July 1981.

Paul Morasca was murdered in January 1982 in the San Francisco condominium he shared with Michael Riconsociuto...Private investigator Larry Guerrin, while seeking information for Riconosciuto relating to the Inslaw case, was found dead ...San Francisco attorney David Meyer, who was to appear the following day in District Court, to defend clients who were reportedly tied in which CIA drug trafficking activities, died from a gunshot wound on February 6, 1989. Meyer sought to expose links between the Justice Department, the CIA and Iran-Contra...On August 14, 1990, attorney Dexter Jacobson was found dead prior to a scheduled meeting with the FBI in regards to rampant Chapter 11 judicial corruption...Attorney Gary Ray Pinnell, was found dead on February 11, 1991, just before he, too, was to present Chapter 11 corruption to the FBI...The body of Alan D. Standorf was found on January 31, 1991, in the back seat of a car parked at the Washington National Airport. Casolaro had depended upon Standorf as a source and it is believed that Standorf, an electronic intelligence employee for the NSA, provided the reporter information that linked the Justice Department to the various scandals...In April 1991, attorney David Eisman was shot to death 24 hours before he was to meet with Riconosciuto. Involved with numerous CIA activities, Eisman had been scheduled to meet with a woman in Philadelphia who was to deliver important evidence of corruption by Justice Department officials...Alan May was found dead in his San Francisco home on June 19, 1991. May was reportedly involved with Riconosciuto in the Iranian hostage scandal and October Surprise. The local coroner's report stated death was due to a heart attack, but a subsequent autopsy revealed that May had poly-pharmaceuticals in his blood....In 1991, Tommy Burkett was found dead in the bedroom of his parent's Hendon, Virginia, home from a gunshot wound to the mouth...


On November 1, 1992, the bodies of Gail Spiro and her three children were found in their Rancho Santa Fe, California, home, dead from gunshot wounds to the head. Three days later the body of Gail's husband, Ian Spiro, was found dead in the front seat of his Ford Explorer in the remote California desert...On November 14, 1992, Jose Aguilar, a tree trimmer who occasionally worked at the Spiro home, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head....Peter Sandvugen, found dead on December 2, 1992, was assisting Riconosciuto in his defense against the Justice Department. Sandvugen was a part of a special CIA team during the eighties, and as the gun he always carried was found without the ammo clip, the circumstances of his death raised questions...


Vali Delahanty disappeared on August 18, 1992. At the time of her disappearance, she had been trying to warn Michael Riconosciuto that the DEA and Justice Department officials were about to frame him on drug charges. On April 13, 1994, the skeletal remains of her body were discovered at Lake Bay, Washington.

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