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Reply #48: Reminds me Moon-Brent BOZELL Axis. [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-26-05 11:31 PM
Response to Reply #12
48. Reminds me Moon-Brent BOZELL Axis.
Eric Jewel wrote a great overview. That's a heck of a resouce. Thank you and Old Rense for making it possible for us to viddy.

Here's something from it I'd forgotten: Moon ties to Brent Bozell and a bunch of the other paid media whores shilling for the crazy monkey and his BFEE horde:

The Resurrection Of Reverend Moon



Narrator: Media analyst Brent Bozell is a member of the AFC national policy board.

Bozell: "If it were to come out that what the AFC is doing is being done at the direction of Reverend Moon, it would lose its fifty chapters overnight. That allegation has been out there since the day that AFC was formed and it hasn't stuck because nobody has come up with the smoking gun that he's done it."

Narrator: But Moon's influence over the AFC is underscored by this 1988 letter FRONTLINE obtained from a source who once worked within the Moon Organization. AFC President Robert Grant, writing to Reverend Moon, thanks him for investing heavily and "helping to bring the AFC into being." Grant concludes by telling Moon, "Without your leadership, vision and the support of your devoted followers, the AFC would not exist."

Narrator: The last time most Americans paid attention to Sun Myung Moon was nearly a decade ago. These are the images many still retain of Moon and the "Moonies," as his followers once called themselves: mass weddings of complete strangers chosen as mates by Moon; flower-peddling in the street; and repeated allegations of mind control and brainwashing.

Parent before Congress: "Who can parents turn to when they realize their children have been innocently enslaved by Moon?"

Young woman at press conference: "Within one weekend I was totally, my mind was totally coerced into leaving home, into leaving my parents, into dropping out of school, into being, thinking that I was working for God."


And a resource whose name seems so 21st century dark ages says Brent Bozell is a member of the American Freedom Coalition, which was funded with $5 million in moon loot.

BTW: People don't like Rense because he's "insulted" their own nationality-focus-group-interest-ego-etc. So that's about everybody. Sometimes, it's BS. But there's a lot of signal-to-noise there, more than what the presstitutes dare print or say. And, as you know, anarchy1999, when it comes to getting the Truth, who cares?
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