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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-26-05 11:41 AM
Response to Reply #18
21. Don't forget Capitalism's Invisible Army...
Capitalism's Invisible Army

From an article:

Opposition to constitutional democracy is a theological premise of The Divine Principle, the basic text of Unificationism. Moon's speeches are riddled with contempt for "American-style democracy," which he denigrates as "a good nursery for the growth of Communism." "We must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world," Moon has declared.

Now who else is, um, was rabid anti-communist?

Big can o' worms, there...

Early Days of John Birch Society


Sutton's approach to conspiracy genera was spliced with the anti-communist venom of Robert Welch and his theory of the "Hegelian Dialectic," the time-tested strategy of left-right tensions. Sutton's racial views were certainly curious for one who wore his patriotism on his sleeve. He was an advocate of separation between the races in South Africa. His passages on the CFR and Illuminati flirt with anti-Semitism and echo the fiercely anti-communist sentiments of Skousen, Ward, Allen, Dan Smoot and other proponents of the fascist right. Sutton, who publishes a newsletter, The Future Technology Intelligence Report, contends that "possible advanced alien technology" has been reverse-engineered and is squandered by the federal government. (The "reverse engineering of ET technology" schtick was whistled up by Phillip Corso in the 1960s. Corso was a charter member, under Charles Willoughby, the aforementioned YAF co-founder, of the Shickshinny Knights of Malta in Pennsylvania, a conspiratorial fraternal order patterned after the military order of the Vatican.)

Guy Bannister, a Birch Society pamphleteer, was Lee Harvey Oswald's handler at 544 Camp Street in New Orleans. Bannister employed an investigator, Jack S. Martin, a fascist co-conspirator with his boss and Charles Willoughby-Weidenbach (formerly General MacArthur's intelligence chief in Korea), a core strategist in the Kennedy assassination, according to Mae Brussell, Dick Russell and others. Bannister was a drunkard, a former FBI agent and Naval Intelligence officer. He published a racist newsletter. He choreographed the activities of a group of anti-Castro Cubans in New Orleans. He died nine months after the murder of John Kennedy.

Jim Garrison investigated Oswald's connection to Bannister and CIA pilot David Ferrie. The devout, alcoholic anti-communist had Oswald passing out Fair Play for Cuba flyers on street corners.

What would Bannister and his fellow Birchers say if they could speak openly, sans the Jeffersonian platitudes and geopolitical shaggy-dog tales? In a privately-published paper on Charles Willoughby-Weidenbach, "Looking for 'Hate' in all the 'Right' Places," political researcher William Morris McLoughlin can't resist speaking for the Birchers: "We have been sitting on our hands and 'gnawing the rug' since 1945, when, as far as we are concerned, World War III actually began, with the murder of our hero, John Birch in Manchuria, China" The war was waged "entirely by members of various national and international right-wing, militantly extremist groups still united under the auspices and control of the World Anti-Communist League. Its U.S. affiliates include the U.S. Council for World Freedom and the American Security Council, part of the Liberty Lobby, as well as other organizations," including the Birch Society.

The JBS waged its grass-roots, populist approach to psychological warfare with much scape-goating. In The Radical Right (Random House, 1967), Epstein and Arnold offer that at the 1965 convention of the Christian Crusade, another fascist front, General Walker, "in speaking of the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy's assassin, urged his listeners not to forget that Ruby's name was Rubenstein, and they can't change that fact no matter how often they refer to him as Ruby."

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