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Reply #18: Drugs Inc. for one. Killing Liberals, another. [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-26-05 11:15 AM
Response to Reply #13
18. Drugs Inc. for one. Killing Liberals, another.
Ex MI6 agent confesses: CIA/MI6 are heroin dealers

On the narco-terrorism of MI6, the CIA and the major drug money laundering banks of the Capitalist states

World Revolution of Economic Communism.

I quote from Dr John Colemans published work:

In my career as a professional (MI6) intelligence-officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents..

British banks engaged in this terrible (narcotics) trade are too numerous to mention, but a few of the top ones are:

The British Bank of the Middle East.
Midland Bank.
National and Westminster Bank.
Barclays Bank.
Royal Bank of Canada.
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.
Baring Brothers Bank.

I quote further:

Many of the merchant-banks are up to their hocks in pig-swill drug-trade profits, banks such as Hambros for example, run by Sir Jocelyn Hambro. For a really interesting major study of the Chinese opium-trade, one would need access to India Office in London. I was able to get in there because of my intelligence service and received great assistance from the trustee of the papers of the late Professor Frederick Wells Williamson, which provided much information on the opium-trade carried on by the British East India Company in India and China in the 18th and 19th centuries. If only those papers could be made public, what a storm would burst over the heads of the crowned vipers of Europe. Today the trade has shifted somewhat in that less expensive cocaine has taken over a good part of the North American market. In the 1960's the flood of heroin coming from Hong Kong, Lebanon and Dubai threatened to engulf the United States and Western Europe. When demand outpaced supply there was a switch to cocaine. But now, at the end of 1991, that trend has been reversed; today it is heroin that is back in favour, although it is true that cocaine still enjoys great favour among the poorer-classes.


Britain has been involved in the China opium-trade for over two centuries. No-one is going to be so foolish as to rock the boat when millions upon millions of dollars flow into the bank-accounts of the British oligarchists and more gold is traded on the Hong Kong gold-market than the combined total traded in London and New York. On 21/10/1999 the Chinese President was given the "Red Carpet Treatment" by Buckingham Palace and he was transported in style, with the queen, in her Guilded Royal Horse-drawn Coach and Rolls Royce Limousine, with very lavish arrangements made to impress and entertain him. Whilst at the same time the British police forcefully-restrained anyone from demonstrating against China's human rights record, so as not to upset him.

Those individuals who fondly imagine they can do some kind of a seal with a minor Chinese or Burmese overlord in the hills of the Golden Triangle apparently have no idea of what is involved. If they had known, they would never have talked about stopping the opium-trade. Such talk reveals little knowledge of the immensity and complexity of China's opium-trade.

British plutocrats, the Russian KGB, the CIA, and U.S. bankers are all in league with China. Could one man stop or even make a small dent in the trade? It would be absurd to imagine it


Banks & Drugs.

How do banks with their great air of respectability fit into the drug-trade with all of its attendant filth? It is a very long and complicated story, which could be the subject of a book on its own. One way in which banks participate is by financing front-companies importing the chemicals needed to process raw-opium into heroin. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) with a branch-office in London is right in the middle of such trade through a company called TEJAPAIBUL, which banks with Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. What does this company do? It imports into Hong Kong most of the chemicals needed in the heroin-refining-process.


It is also a major supplier of acetic anhydride For the Golden Crescent and the Golden Triangle, Pakistan, Turkey and Lebanon.

The actual financing for this trading is hived off to the Bangkok Metropolitan Bank. Thus, the secondary-activities connected with processing opium, while not in the same category as the opium-trade, nevertheless generates substantial income for banks. But the real income of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) and indeed all banks in the region is financing the actual opium-trade.

It took a lot of research on my part to link the price of gold to the
price of opium. I used to tell anyone who would listen, "If you want to know the price of gold, find out what the price of a pound or a kilo of opium is in Hong Kong." To my critics I answered, "Take a look at what happened in 1977, a critical year for gold." The Bank of China shocked the gold-pundits, and those clever forecasters who are to be found in great numbers in America, by suddenly and without warning, dumping 80 tons of gold on the market. That depressed the price of gold in a big hurry. All the experts could say was, "We never knew China had that much gold; where could it have come from?" It came from the gold which is paid to China in the Hong Kong Gold Market for large purchases of opium. The current policy of the Chinese government toward England is the same as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Chinese economy, tied to the economy of Hong Kong - and I don't mean television sets, textiles, radios, watches, pirated cassette and video tapes - I mean opium/heroin would take a terrible beating if it were not for the opium-trade it shares with Britain


It may not all be pure gold, but it's better than the bushit we get from Corporate McPravda.
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