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Bankrupcy bill [View All]

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nadinbrzezinski Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-11-05 11:55 AM
Original message
Bankrupcy bill
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You know this bill is the seed of their own destruction.

Follow this logic... and no it will not happen overnight (and sorry for the stereotypes but they are needed here)

Joe six pack voted for bush, but truly he did not vote for this. Now Joe needs to declare bankruptcy because the wife has (insert chronic disease here) and their medical bills are up the ying yang, and they have used their credit cards

So Joe goes down to the lawyer (six months from now after the bill is signed onto law) and finds out he can't get rid of those credit card bills. Hell they will garnish his wages and all that
So Joe has guns, and he goes down to the local watering hole and start talking to his buddies about them damn no good politicians.. yes the talk is common, but somehow it is different this time.

Now Joe is not alone and slowly that famous misery index starts going up.. in fact him and his buddies start to realize they have nothing else to loose and they do have an epiphany as to who truly wanted this and the fact they did not vote for this. Sooner or later depending how dense Joe is, he realizes, you know this is class warfare and I have been duped... what happens when Joe and his friends, who happen to be gun owners, realize this en masse?

Last time something like this happened the Communist party was the third vote getter in the US (1932). So I would say Joe and his buddies will wake up, how soon, depends how hungry and cold they are... but they will wake up, and that will be quite the anger to behold.

Oh and by the way, at this point I feel no empathy with Joe Six Pack... since we warned him that this is exactly what he was voting for, but us lib'ruls have no morals... but once Jeo and his pals start to get a clue and are reminded they are in this with US... and not THEM (the rich and ultra rich) we will need to LEAD Joe to the watering hole of truth, and give Joe the tools. Hell we will need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Joe on this one... as we are in this together.

How long will it take for Joe to figure it out? Depends just how badly in debt he is, and how long it takes him to realize he cannot pay it.... alas that famous misery index...
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