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Reply #21: Gulf War Syndrome Case Study fyi [View All]

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HysteryDiagnosis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-16-05 11:53 AM
Response to Reply #19
21. Gulf War Syndrome Case Study fyi


Victims who started off as fit & young, have been damaged by a selection of the following assaults ---

1. PM2.5 particulate inhalation from the oil fires 1991 and PMI depleted uranium inhalation 1991 and 2003. 40% of DU (U238) used in shells/missiles vaporises to PMI size with remainder staying on site as residue. Effects of PMIs of DU inhaled were listed in the 30 October 1943 report to Brig.Gen.LR Groves (USA) and May 2001 report of Dr. D. Rok-ke (Nexus June/July 2003) proving results include asthma, damage to nerves, eyes, gums, kidneys, neuropsychological state, and causing skin rashes, lymphomas, cancers, uranium in semen and birth defects in progeny. Some 390 tons of DU was used in the 1991 war, and subsequently in Okinawa 1995/6, Serbia 1995, New Mexico, Puerto Rica, Nevada, Florida & Maryland and also Scotland. Atomic tests in Australia 0ct.l952-0ct.l957 left a legacy of cancers etc. especially in South Aust. & Queensland. The UK government said Australians were "expendable" during the Australian atomic testing program. Malignant melanoma arises from radioactivity and grows when the p53 gene is damaged by PAHs or ultraviolet light. The highest death rate is in Scotland among those who have not traveled away. Radioactive levels in the UK are raised from incineration of nuclear waste in 34 incinerators, plus emissions from steel plants (70000Bq/kg) and Sellafield, Nycomed (Cardiff), Trecatti & Nantygwyddon waste sites, and UK. nuclear plants and nuclear waste facilities. Adelaide in South Australia was plastered with radioactive fallout from 11 to 16 October 1956 comprising plutonium 239, Americanum 241, Iodine 131, Strontium 90 & Caesium 137. Tony Blair's mother died of thyroid cancer following that exposure. The highest rate of birth defects and breast cancers in Wales are downwind of the old Trawsffynedd nuclear power station, Pembroke oil complex & Nantygwyddon (breast cancers to follow). An increase in incidence of leukaemia c.1991 and general cancers c.2002 followed a nuclear incident in Earley (Reading) in 1986. Effects of PM2.5s from oil fires include asthma, strokes, heart attacks, cancers (especially lung, prostate and bowel), hypothyroidism, clinical depression, infant mortality (locals). High PAHs would have wrecked the p53 gene promoting cancer growth over the subsequent 20 years. A Belgian incinerator report covered 20 years of premature death and illnesses. The report about the Port Kembia steel works emitting up to 150000Bq/Kg of radionucleotides revealed leukaemia and cancer rates up to 16km downwind with the highest nearest to the plant some 9 times higher, then dropping off steadily.
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