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Reply #63: K-W and jeter I think you are both right [View All]

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Booberdawg Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-07-03 09:44 AM
Response to Reply #29
63. K-W and jeter I think you are both right
On the one hand (jeter) this speech is a defensive move.

1 - There has been a COMPLETE about face in strategy by suggesting the U.N. should have a part in this. The pundits, even the conservative ones, are having a field day with this.

2 - There has already been growing dissatisfaction among those that voted for him about the daily casualties AFTER he declared the war to be over. (that photo op shit in the flight suit was a MAJOR mistake)

3 - Bush re-election polls have taken a MAJOR dive in the last couple months, especially in the last couple weeks. Right now I believe it sits at 40%. I think those numbers get by Rove waaaay before they do the public.

4 - There is just a plain and simple turning of trust among the people for a combination of the reasons stated above. The 16 words did have an affect on "some" people. This administration handled it so poorly - it only served to shout it louder to those who would not have otherwise paid attention. More people noticed ....

5 - And OMG, the Iraq situation is now a QUAGMIRE. How could you not fucking notice??

On the other side: K-W sounds a lot like me, quite frankly. Realistic and very cynical. These guys (bush, rove, et al) have been pulling rabbits outta their asses in the face of facts WE SEE contradict them for the past three years; the ignorant masses have been eating it up and G-d dam worshipping whatever they serve up, while we were ostracized as malcontents and questioning the motives of this war OR His Highness, or that we were, G-d forbid, UNPATRIOTIC!

So, I can very much appreciate someone like K-W who believes tonight's speech is going to be nothing more than ANOTHER carefully orchestrated stroke to the ignorant masses. He's in trouble and WE know he's gonna blow some smoke up our collective asses and make some really stupid faces that I just cannot stand. (*sigh* I just really cannot stand to watch him, but I will tonight)

Oh, K-W is right, Dubya's gonna spin this like crazy. Maybe I'm just a fool, but I think his back is against the wall now - maybe THIS time, he's not gonna come off as a hero. I think people are paying a lot closer attention now, and are perhaps a little more discriminating. I don't think bush* and the funny faces he makes will pass the this time. Even simple people see through disingenuous facial gestures.

You decide - am I an optimist, a realist, or a cynic.
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