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FDRLincoln Donating Member (947 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-05-03 02:37 PM
Response to Reply #4
12. closest in views
If I went closest in views it would probably be Wes Clark, but I need to know more about his views to be sure. After that it would probably be Kerry, but I'm concerned about how lackluster his campaign has been.

My views:
1) taking out Saddam was a good idea in the abstract, but the administration has completely botched the whole thing (as I knew they would) and did this the wrong way at the wrong time with too much arrogance and hubris. I'm closer to Zinni and Clark on this than most DUers, and am willing to cut guys like Kerry some slack for voting for the resolution.

2) I personally would not repeal the middle class portion of the Bush tax cut. Instead, I would increase taxes sharply on the top 2% of wageearners, extend FICA in some way like Kerry has mentioned, and repeal the dividend and estate tax cuts. Basically I think the winning position here is to maintain the (small) portion of the Bush tax cut that helped the middle class, while repealing the part of the Bush tax cut that helped the rich.

3) There's got to be some form of universal health coverage, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do this.

4) We need someone who'll be able to rebuild bridges with our allies and find a way to extract ourselves from the Iraq mess. Thus, someone with foreign policy experience and gravitas will be needed in my view.

5) I'm in favor of gay rights and gay marraige.

6) I'm an environmentalist.

7) I supported NAFTA, but I was against GATT and MFN for China. Basically I think our economy could sustain free trade with Mexico and it was in our best interest to do so, but it was a mistake to do this with China and India, where the prevailing wage was just too low. Also, I think cozying up to the Chinese, whose Communist regime is far more brutal than Castro, is just crazy. We'll regret shipping all our factories over there if we ever get into a tussle over Taiwan.

So, here I am....hawkish compared to most DUers, pro-gay, pro-environment, pro-NAFTA, anti-free trade with China, anti-Bush-tax cuts for rich, pro-tax cut for middle class, pro-health care reform, pro-getting rid of Saddam-but-anti-stupid dumbass way Bush did it.
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