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Reply #115: What do you not understand? TRUE Marxism has NEVER been tried. [View All]

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LostInAnomie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-11-04 06:53 PM
Response to Reply #66
115. What do you not understand? TRUE Marxism has NEVER been tried.
Leninism, Stalism, Maoism, etc. have been tried and failed not because the idea is flawed but because the situation has NEVER been right for it to occur, and because of the human nature nature of the leaders. They became corrupted by power, and the people in their country were not in total ready for the change.

If you want to really get down to brass tacks there has never been a truly capitalistic state that has been completely based on the competition of a free market. Even this bastion of capitalism that we live in is no where near a true capitalist state. We have socialized post offices, police depts., schools, etc. We have protective tariffs, organized labor, etc. True capitalism would be an absolutely barbaric state based on ruthless competition.

There is still government is a communist society but only in a minimal sense. They run the judiciary, build roads, and other VERY basic functions that are necessary. Crime is theorized by many other theorists besides Marx (Merton, Durkheim, etc.) to shrink drastically in states resembling Marxism because access to societally accepted goals is dramatically opened with a classless state. Those who do commit crimes would likely be because of some social maladjustment which would be treated far more easily because access to psychological, and medical treatment would be extremely easy.

Are you kidding about the whole world never falling into the hands of a few capitalists? Take a look around, business is being deregulated as quickly as congress can pass the bills. Globalization among companies is spreading faster than ever. Outsourcing is causing a race to the bottom in wages with no end in sight. Just look at Clear Channel if you want to see a company that is using its vast wealth to crush small companies access to markets. We are burning a trail towards a global Gilded Age.

As for your last question, no we should not be moving towards a complete capitalistic system. According to Marx it is inevitable. His theory is that humanity over times has made inevitable economic steps that cannot be avoided for society to exist. It moved from a system of bartering, which inevitably moved towards a form of rudimentary capitalism, which in turn will turn to advanced capitalism, which in turn will change to communism. We cannot change it, we can only slow it. We cannot bring it on if the circumstances are not right. If the masses haven't formed a class consciousness, and still are reaping some of the fruits of capitalism it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the revolution of communism to take place.

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