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Reply #5: My comments, I disagree with some.. oh yeah, I'm a "moderate" [View All]

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ShaneGR Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-06-04 07:27 PM
Response to Original message
5. My comments, I disagree with some.. oh yeah, I'm a "moderate"
1. Powerful and Continuing NATIONALISM


2. Disdain for HUMAN RIGHTS

I wouldn't use the word "disdain", especially when you look at the work of many American groups worldwide, and the fact that the United States still gives more money for humanitarian aid than, in some cases, a combination of several other large powers.

The US does on the other hand have a real and very scary dilemna with their treatment of their war enemies. It's basically a national disgrace.

3. Identification of ENEMIES/SCAPEGOATS as a Unifying cause

I would hardly describe Osama Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda as an "identified" group, their is no dispute that they were very active pre-911.

Iraq is a different story.

4. Supremacy of the MILITARY

I'll buy this argument when I see troops marching the streets. Don't forget we had National Guard troops gunning down student protestors in the 60s.

5. Rampant SEXISM

Uh, in what form? Keep in mind that the United States current policy towards women is better than 90% of the combined world in terms of both employment and living opportunities. We're not perfect, but definitely not bad in this regard.

6. Controlled MASS MEDIA


7. OBSESSION with National Security

Agreed, though this is post-911 and may not last more than a few more years. Of course, this doesn't take into account another terrorist attack.

8. RELIGION and GOVERNMENT are intertwined

The Separation of Church and State is under-fire, but we've had "In God We Trust on our money, on our buildings, in our writing, etc. for two centuries. When the Republican Party Re-Alignment De-Aligns (Because nothing lasts forever) a more progressive voice will win-out on this subject.

9. Corporate POWER is protected



Somewhat, the problem with the labor unions today is that their leadership, for the most part, aren't listened to by their membership. Over 40% of the Union households voted Bush in some very key areas, like Ohio.

I think this comes down to poor leadership at the head of the AFL. Also a real drought on GOOD candidates to back. Gore and Kerry don't quite fit the bill. Clinton did, politics is 70% personality to a lot of people.

11. Disdain for INTELLECTUALS and the ARTS

Guess I just hate the word disdain, though the Republican Party's "Arts is a waste of money" thing is a bunch of crap. But, of course, we never call them on it.

I really hate to harp on the language, like disdain, but I really think that's why we lost this election. We pick the wrong issues, and the issues we do pick to talk about, we do a terrible job of using simple terms and phrases to rip the Republicans to shreds. We never call the Republicans out on what they really think. We use terms like "cuts" to say what they're going to do, but we never explain why it's really bad.

12. Obsession with CRIME and PUNISHMENT

Our Justice system is a complete atrocity (We should have advanced even farther), but still better than 90% of the world. Go ANYWHERE in Africa, most of South America, all of the Middle East, and the majority of East Asia and see how bad you think the American Justice system is.

13. Rampant cronyism and CORRUPTION



I sort of agree, about 2000. This time however, we got beat. I'll go into it if you want, but the bottom line is we lost. BUT, we definitely need paper trails in the future. If we had won, the Republicans would be saying EXACTLY what we're saying right now about those machines.

I'm not saying we shouldn't follow through on Ohio, or that the BBV stuff shouldn't be done, because I DO think we DEFINITELY need to make sure everythings legit.
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