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Reply #152: Wow!! It must be GREAT to be 6 ft tall!! :-) [View All]

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DARE to HOPE Donating Member (552 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-19-04 11:13 PM
Response to Original message
152. Wow!! It must be GREAT to be 6 ft tall!! :-)
Really, been there, too. And a perfectionist to boot. :-/

BUT--there is good news and bad news.

The BAD news is--they have been lying about this, gang, just like a lot of other things.
But the GOOD news is--the truth will set us free!! :-)

Just put "coconut oil health" into Google to find out more. Since the 1950's they have fed us corn oil and soy oil, making us as fat as the pigs they were fattening for the market. I mean, they KNEW it! When they fed the little piggies coconut oil in the late 1940's, it made them ENERGIZED and SKINNY. A lot of folks have been getting healed with coconut in the last couple years since an article appeared in Woman's World magazine. Makes you stronger, healthier, and, over time, thinner--a GOOD fat, ala Atkins, which provides nutrition, and nurturing, too.

The other thing, of course, is the sugar. BUT NUTRASWEET is POISON!! And will not only cause you to crave sugar, but will kill your nervous system. It was Don Rumsfeld, as CEO of Searle, came into the Reagan admin, who gave us this. Best substitute for sugar I have found is xylitol (birch sugar) which also prevents cavities and builds tooth enamel.

Focus on organic fruit and vegetables, add clean protein, like organic eggs, free range chicken, sardines, and some whole grains in moderation. Coconut milk or oil or shredded makes for a lot of good desserts. Stay away from all the chemicals, including the fat-inducing hormones in the poultry and meat supply. Eating good foods satisfies, so we are not constantly craving nutrients that we really need (eg, sea salt satisfies, whereas the sodium chloride on our tables is missing the minerals, so we crave MORE of it.)

Health is a political issue. As we can see, it is bankrupting our GNP, as well as all of our households. But it is also a spiritual issue. And just walking, in a tree lined place, or by the water, for 20-30 min/day is a happiness inducer as well as health builder.

We are made the beautiful children of God! And He needs us in ALL shapes and sizes, with a variety of talents and gifts to the world!

God bless you, child, and every one.
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