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Reply #114: A man changes from 1992 to 2003 [View All]

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LittleClarkie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-17-04 02:38 AM
Response to Reply #30
114. A man changes from 1992 to 2003
After studying the man for a while, and putting things in context, I can see why he voted for certain things at certain times, not because he was playing politics but because it's what he believed at the time.

His military voting changed somewhere around 1997 or so. After studying terrorism and its mechanisms he realized that although the Cold War was over, a new war was being waged. He could see after dealing with BCCI and the Iran/Contra affair, how organized modern terrorist groups were getting. And so he started voting for a military buildup.

I believe he voted in 92 while still looking through his Vietnam, anti-war goggles. And both he and Cheney (the lying sack) voted against the same military programs in the interest of cutting back on government spending (a Dem who's more fiscally conservative than our current Repub prez. What a weird state of affairs).

And dagnabit, he voted for the authority to go to war, believing misguidedly that the President would do all the things he said he would beforehand: use war as a last resort, forming a proper coalition and going in force to get the job done quickly. His speech right after the vote makes it clear that he believed the President would do these things and that he hadn't just voted for automatic war. I think that terrorism was an issue Kerry cared about deeply, considering he'd been making speeches on the Senate floor about it since 97, and indeed just before 9/11 in May. While Bush and Co. were all hot for Missle Defense, Kerry's eyes were on the real threat.

I think Kerry was hoping against hope that the President would do what he had promised and not create the biggest fubar in history. When Bush went to war, Kerry in the speech he gave in the Senate sounds like he's till hoping that Bush wasn't bullshitting about the existence of WMDs. He said he'd be the first to speak up if none were found. (without looking back on his speeches, I think I have the order of events correct. Hopefully pretty close at least.)

He may have been blinded by his passion and his anger at being attacked as a country on 9/11. It is reported that he was absolutely furious right after 9/11, saying it was an act of war. The Bush administration took up an issue that Kerry was very passionate about, and then twisted it into a pretzel. He indeed wanted us to go after terrorists, and he knows if he had the power, he could have done it correctly.

He wasn't pretending to be a hawk, he is one. Perhaps that was his downfall. That stance made him look like a Republican-lite candidate. But he came to that position honestly. And domestically, he was relatively progressive.

Don't make the Republican mistake of comparing votes that were made 11 years apart. Things change; people change. That's one of the things I like about Kerry. He will look at things as they are NOW, and make decisions based on that.

Some of what I just said came from Some came from old profile interviews I've read from 2001 and 2002, plus exerpts from various Senate speeches and his book, "A New War."

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