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WildEyedLiberal Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-16-04 12:05 AM
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11. Look,
I can't tell you what's going on behind the scenes. No one here can; that's why they call it "behind the scenes." But I DO know that if Kerry had pulled a 2000 - challenged the election, filed lawsuits, etc - he would've walked right into a Bush/Rove trap. They were 100% expecting a challenged election - why do you think they planned the invasion of Fallujah for election week? They were waiting, rubbing their grubby little hands together and waiting for Kerry to fall into their trap, and then destroy him - accuse him of contributing to governmental instability while our troops are in battle, accuse of of being a sore loser, a conspiracy theorist, a lunatic. The media would have destroyed him, and without hard proof of voter fraud - proof that's good enough for a court of law, not just for the denizens of DU - he would've been made to look like the biggest laughingstock of the century. What would that have accomplished? Would you rather Kerry had played the "Roman fool" and fell upon his own sword in a suicidal and ultimately futile lawsuit/media circus?

I wouldn't. Just because he didn't make a mad charge into certain death doesn't make him a coward or a deserter. Sometimes a tactical retreat is the smartest thing a soldier can do. John Kerry knows that oftentimes, discretion is the better part of valor. Personally, if I had to stake a claim, I see this turning into a BCCI-type affair - Kerry the prosecutor slowly gathering evidence - hard, irrefutable evidence - and then bringing the giant DOWN. I'd much rather see him biding his time in the Senate, gathering evidence, preparing to make a move that will doom the Bushies once and for all, than waste his reputation, career, and influence in a stupid suicide charge that would play right into KKKarl's hands.

Yeah, having to see Bush's ugly ass face on the TV sucks. But I have this weird feeling that this might all turn out for the best. I've got an intuition that this second term might be what we need to obliterate the neocons once and for all; you know, the whole "it has to get worse before it gets better" jazz. And if that means I get to watch impeachment hearings and see that motherfucker trotted out of the White House in chains - even if it's two years from now - it'll be worth it. If that's how long it takes them to prove voter fraud, then so be it. I think justice is coming for Georgie Boy, and it won't be pretty.

Just my two cents. But I think it's premature to abandon faith in Kerry just yet. There's something up his sleeve, and it's not just his arm.
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