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Red Voters: Now You Will Reap what You Have Sown [View All]

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mermaid Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-08-04 10:50 AM
Original message
Red Voters: Now You Will Reap what You Have Sown
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Don't come crying to me when YOUR job is outsourced. I tried to warn you, you preferred to answer the rallying call of Guns, Abortion, Gays, God (hereafter referred to as GAGG.)

Don't come crying to me when you have no health insurance, and a catastrophic illness or injury bankrupts YOUR family, eats away at the nest egg YOU spent a life building, and leaves you with nothing. I tried to warn preferred to answer the call of GAGG.

Don't come crying to me when you have less and less time to do the things YOU enjoy, because you have to work longer and longer hours to make ends meet...and without the benefit of overtime pay. I tried to warn you, but you heard only GAGG.

Don't come crying to me when your son, or your daughter, or even YOU...or someone YOU love is drafted to go to Iraq. I tried to warn you, you didn't hear me, you were too enthralled by the siren song of GAGG.

Here are my words to you now - "Fuck the red VOTERS!!"

I TRIED to warn you, to tell you...and you didn't listen. So don't cry later on, because the first thing I'm gonna ask, when you do come crying is...Who did YOU vote for? And if the answer is get zero sympathy from me. I tried to warn you. You preferred, instead, to service your holier-than-thou self image, and project your hatred bigotry and prejudice onto others, by hearing only GAGG.

Gods, the lack of intelligence on your part, Red Voter, is ab-so-fucking-lutely breathtaking!!

How could ANYONE vote for economic serfdom, and against their own best interests...all in the name of shit that DOESN'T REALLY GAGG?


Let me make this perfectly clear for you:

1. NO ONE is gonna take your guns away, America...wake the fuck up!!

2. NO ONE wants to stop you from worhipping your god, whoever he may be...IN YOUR OWN HOUSE OF WORSHIP...we only want to stop you from forcing YOUR god on US!!

3. NO ONE wants you to be gay, or like gays or approve of what gays do...but, really, how the FUCK does it hurt you, what they do? Why the FUCK can't you just leave them alone? So it's not your cup of tea?? Fine! Have some fuckin' coffee! And let them drink their tea. Quit trying to force them to drink coffee, they are not trying to force YOU to drink their tea!

4. NO ONE advocates abortions. It's a hard, horrible choice, and my heart goes out to any woman who is forced into making that painful choice. But, until there are enough funds to care for these children...enough potential adoptive parents for ALL of them...and until you crack the fuck down on deadbeat dads (many of whom are Red Voters)...until you take away the economic conditions that force a woman to that awful choice, abortions will happen, legal or not. They did before, and they will again. Only difference is, if they are not legal, then many women will die horrible deaths at the hands of quack "doctors" with unsterile equipment and dirty hands. What if she was someone YOU loved? Wouldn't you feel so wonderful that YOU had forced her into the position that put her life in jeopardy? Wouldn't you want her to have the best medical treatment available? It is a hard enough thing to have to do in the first place, the least we can do is make it safe and legal for her to do if she is left with no other choice!

Y'all Red Voter stupid fucks scream about the sanctity of life...yeah, until it costs YOU something!! You're all in favor of life IN the womb, but give a giant middle finger to that same life, once it is OUT of the womb!!

You cut needy children from Medicaid and Head Start cut funding for education and school lunches...and you give big tax breaks to huge corporate polluters who will cause or children to grow up unhealthy, many with fucking asthma...all in the name of the God-Almighty Fucking Buck! And how do YOU do this? YOU VOTE RED!! The blood that is on their hands is also on yours, because YOU put them in power! I blame YOU, Red Voter!

(end of rant)
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