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Reply #271: Absolutely. Good strategy says...(& study the background too) [View All]

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jambojonusa Donating Member (19 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-08-04 11:59 PM
Response to Reply #160
271. Absolutely. Good strategy says...(& study the background too)
Yep. We need to develop contingency plans to provide for both angles.

It would be one hell of a plum if we could really help Bev and come up with the hard evidence we are damned sure exists, of vote fraud.

However...We don't have much of a time frame to do it in. If I were a betting man, the odds, stacked as they are, would appear to be against us.

But I don't believe that. At least not entirely.

...It looks to be doable. Barely. IF...And that's if we get down to brass tacks as it were and develop the best strategy possible and go for it full bore right now....or fuggit.

The Part 2 you mention separately from attempting to tag the GOP with fraud: agitating for real electoral and voter reform. That might be easier to do now. The climate certainly getting riper for it. And the polls show it. (the problem is we might not have another meaningful election if we don't get this one straight, fair and honest)

Based on the evidence from the last two elections of potential fraud, unfairness, voting irregularities and the like (bad Diebold machines make votes go poof) this can be done a little bit more leisurely. I'm betting enough of America is pretty ready for another installment of long as it doesn't erupt into a fight in their living rooms.

What's funny is that this country may very well be ripe for meaningful electoral reform now...just as we are heading into a dictatorship because we wouldn't reform it soon enough. How ironic. How poetic. How fitting.


This time I hope we won't approach it our chance at reform as leisurely as the Democratic Party approached the problem since it became glaringly apparent in 2000. If they would have agressively pursued reform in their own interests, for Xists sake!...then this mess now might have been circumvented.

Maybe. maybe. maybe.

(maybe i'll go smoke another bowl)

Geez where are their heads at anyway? They should have been squealing LOUD for 4 years. Now they whimpering, because they didn't squeal. Oh well...

What they did is sit on their duffs, do very little about the real problem and lost another election because they wouldn't tackle it straight on. Maybe there is too much historical inertia weighing them down. Maybe they have too much vested interest in the lame assed way things are run in this country. I doesn't make sense to me to walk into the same trap twice.

But not anymore I bet.(I hope) They be wising up.

The main danger now is that the Democratic Party has to fight the tendency to become Republican lite. How seductive this must be. How MUCH easier than standing and putting up a fight for our freedoms. (For one thing they aren't entirely sure of their backing. maybe we can show them what we back by backing it NOW huh?)

But the fault is not entirely theirs.

For you see we haven't really clocked in and been all that supportive in great enough numbers of our own party have we? Elect em and forget about em. Rarely give them feedback other than to bitch and grouse and leave em to face the wolves alone. So part of this is our fault.

If we were to really support and protect our elected democratic representatives in large numbers(which we might if we were sure of their backing and defense of US folks) in whatever their effforts they make for electoral reform...well that arrangement would be in EveryBody's interest would it? Maybe we can all learn something here of great value.

Then maybe we'd have a partnership with power that has real support and could get things done.

Neat idea.
But will it work to bridge the gap between this crisis of confidence between those that represent US and well..US?

Personally at this point I don't much trust our leaders.
I'd like to see that change.

One of the better things about this current crisis is that it might bring things around to where we might be be able to work together again.


Labor unions support the Party
Does the Party support them?

Pot smokers support the Party
Does the Party support them?

The Peace activists support the Party
Does the party REALLY support them?

This has got a bit one-sided.
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