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Reply #200: "I know the election was stolen and want to help..." [View All]

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m berst Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-08-04 12:08 PM
Response to Original message
200. "I know the election was stolen and want to help..."
...but HOW????"

Many people are asking the question - "but HOW????" and it is quite a dead end.

Your child is drowning. How do you save the child?

The answer, of course, is by any and all means necessary.

You could say that the answer to the hypothetical question is easy - you would jump in the lake. But you wouldn't "jump in the lake" if the child were in the bath tub. You wouldn't jump in the lake if the child were a hundred yards away and there was someone closer who wasn't noticing it. You wouldn't jump in the lake if the situation were that the child's school was near a river that was about to go to flood stage.

Clear analysis of the danger, and then using your imagination and having a sense of urgency will answer the "hows" as they arise, and as we pull together as a growing group of freedom fighters.

Are we asking a question knowing that there is no clear, simple and easy answer so we can throw up our hands and say "well I want to do something, but no one will tell me what to do" and so avoiding it? I think some are.

The first thing is becoming aware ourselves how serious the crisis is and facing it instead of avoiding it. The next step is to effectively communicate that awareness to other people. Effectively transmitting the full gravity of the situation to one person is more powerful than "blasting" it to thousands. That one person will then turn around and effectively transmit it to others and so forth - the old "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime" parable applies somewhat. In the first case you are handing the person what they immediately need to get through one day in the crisis of hunger they are experiencing, while in the second you are launching an ever-expanding and self-sustaining solution to the problem on a large scale.

As the circle grows, we have more and more people working on the how. Sending out a thousand e-mails only results in a thousand people writing me back saying "OMG! but HOW?????" and unless I can give them a step by step manual they sit paralyzed. More people need to be working on the how. If I knew the how - or was willing to lie to you and tell you that I did - I would be dictator rather than Bush, or I would be an irrelevant self-promoter or huckster.

Once we have more people working on the how, then we also have numbers - an ever-expanding group of people who are 100% on board and ready to put it everything on the line.

First your family, then your friends, then your neighbors, then everybody you ever knew and then everybody you meet - always, as the first thing, everywhere.

If just ten people did that like their life depended upon it, it would be around the country in a week. I know that there are not ten people doing that anywhere because if they were we would know "how" and I wouldn't be swimming against the current everywhere I go.

Many people are asking for "proof" and "links" and "documentation" because they are in denial and are looking for a way to make this all go away, in my experience talking to them. Thay aren't seeking the truth, they are seeking ways to avoid the truth that in their bones they already know.

What we need is to raise people's courage and degree of alarm and to get them thinking on their own.

They are afraid and they are in denial, they are not short on information or proof. They are short on courage and on common sense.

Ask people this - if we aren't seeing a coup, then just what would a coup look like? If this isn't the time to fight for freedom, when would be the time? If it is hard to face now, how much harder will it be to face when you have accumulated another year or two of "proof" - with links of course. But links to where? Are links to CNN more believable or credible than links to The Free Press? What happens when there ARE no more alternative web sites?

Everyone has two choices -

Accept the peril and uncertainty, figure this out for yourself, search your soul, gather up your courage, prepare to take a stand, and reach out to others - all as though your life depended upon it.

That may cost you everything.


Hope for certainty and safety, wait until you are handed a set of pre-digested facts and proof, watch which way the crowd is moving, and listen for authoratative information from on high.

That will come in the form of a dictator and a fascist regime.
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