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Reply #360: I second this -- AND have a couple more things to add [View All]

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Eloriel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-05-04 09:30 PM
Response to Reply #74
360. I second this -- AND have a couple more things to add
First, RedEagle and several other DUers have worked indefatigueably on BBV issues. I myself spent almost all of 2003 feverishly trying to make an impact on the issue. It is anything but tinfoil hat stuff. The Kerry/Edwards ticket did NOT lose this election -- it was stolen and the electronic voting machines (touchscreen AND optical scan) were a significant part of that theft, along with the normal vote suppression and other well-known types of vote fraud.

PLEASE, please, please help America one more time by making sure SOMEone in a position of power starts taking a good, long, hard look at this critical issue. Many DUers are as we speak pulling together various types of evidence and presenting it here. It thrills me that you read DU yourself, but in case you've been too busy with other things, you may not have a full appreciation for the incredible research that gets done here. Please try to find someone within your inner circle who can monitor this election business (and certain other topics) in the days ahead. Please also read this quote from Mark Crispin Miller -- I'm particularly thinking of his line about Kerry's response to the issue when Miller raised it with him some time ago:

I have to say that the Democrats' unwillingness to take this issue seriously, from the DNC on down with very few exceptions, is beyond our ability to comprehend, but it DOES make some of us begin to wonder exactly where some of their true loyalties lay.

I also hope you'll take the suggestion about Dr. Chrisitanne Northrup's book. I'm not familiar with it, but I am familiar with some of her other work. You DO want to find out what she has to say and the self-empowerment she can offer in this trying time.

Finally, let me add both my thoughts and prayers for your speedy healing, and my own personal thanks to you (and the Senator, of course) for your participation in this election season. Unfortunately, I only caught one of your appearances on C-Span, and not all of that, but I was totally dazzled by you. You and Teresa are stunning models of the contemporary American woman. Your Light shines very brightly, Ms. Edwards, and I think you surely must understand that from the adoring (and well-deserved) feedback you received on the campaign trail. Thank you for all you are and have done.

And Godspeed on this leg of your journey. We will all be waiting for word of your complete recovery, and your next step after that. I too would love to see you in a federal office, should that appeal to you.

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