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Pallas180 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-05-04 07:36 PM
Response to Original message
297. Dear Mrs. Edwards,
I'm sorry for the news we have heard concerning your health and many
are sending you healing...

I think you are a fantastic, intelligent, woman with a lot of good solid spine and you are certainly admired.

I was a volunteer usher at your husband's Boynton Beach, Fl speech and when the mob surged to shake his hand, they threw me off balance. I would have fallen had it not been Senator Edwards' wrist I was holding onto. :) and which gave me the support to get back up. Do tell him, I thank you.

Although Senator Edwards and/or Governor Dean were my first choices for President, like a good democrat I supported the party's choice and worked myself to exhaustion in the Delray HQ, as many other not so young democrats did, to carry Kerry to a win.

Kerry has severely disappointed me by not waiting eleven days for all the military and absentee ballots to be counted.

He promised to fight and had 10,000 lawyers, many who were here in Palm Beach County Florida, but he did not use them.

In Delray Beach, at Temple Sinai where three districts voted, we poll watchers were told at 6 PM in the evening that the electronic machines were not registering votes properly and to warn the voters going in to check their summary sheets to see that who they voted for were listed on the final electronic page. It would have been more helpful if we had been told this at 10 AM, not at 6 PM with one hour to go. by the fact that 99.6 percent of the people took the democratic
palm tickets in with them to vote, and that an inside poll watcher came out to tell me 800 people were standing in line with these dem cards in their hands, we know how the vote went.

Dem Party regulars ask us to continue to support a party which does not support us .

If Senator Kerry had not conceded in practically seconds, if Senator Kerry had kept his promise to fight and used the lawyers, the free volunteer lawyers, to show the rigging of the machines....(which many are working on showing here on DU, and have found computer code 18180 used to delete names, but which will get no publicity or action without a Kerry or an Edwards) there would be reason to hope that democracy would continue in America, that America would have a government by, for, and of the people.

Since Senator Kerry ran away and left his supporters twisting in the wind - we now have a totalitarian government, i.e. dictatorship without the checks and balances the founding documents intended.

There will not be another election to win. Democracy is dead in this country and November 3, 2004 is the day it died.

William Jefferson Clinton is the last truly democratically elected President of the United States and it is doubtful there will be another - for Senator Kerry did not fight to prove the machines without paper trails were rigged.

I won;t be working for the Democratic Party again because it doesn't work for me. To work for me it would have to stand up and fight to save this country from the destruction of the Constitution and the fascism that now engulfs it.

I also think Senator Kerry has signed the death warrant for the democratic party; this is implosion.

How disappointing.

In the future, I will sooner give my energy,time, money, and support
to any third or fourth or fifth people's party, then the democratic party. To tell us to join in making bushit's four years successful is
akin to in 1938 suggesting we join Hitler's Nazi party.

Forgive my anger, which is NOT addressed AT you who I deeply admire or
at your husband, for whom I had the highest hopes. But I do hope you will pass this on to Senator Kerry and whomever is managing the democratic party.

With sincere prayers for your well being and good health -

Anna Pallas

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