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The Campaign to Starve the Beast [View All]

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Lorien Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-04-04 09:11 PM
Original message
The Campaign to Starve the Beast
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Edited on Thu Nov-04-04 09:33 PM by Jen6
Campaign to Starve the Beast (STB)

After reading a number of threads here over the past two days Im seeing that many of us have had similar ideas on how to go about taking back our country. For starters, we must indeed rage against the machine :

But behind the voting machines is the lapdog media and our corporate owned government which pulls its strings. How do we fight against them? They dont care if we march on city hall or in front of their stations, brandishing our slogans and signs. They may care a bit more about our letter writing campaigns, but even General Mills give us a big fuck off when we threatened them with a boycott over their support of the Sinclair broadcasting groups intentions to air Stolen honor. No, this is the time to take action by not buying any of it any more.


Profits are the motivation behind most of BushCos misdeeds, corporate profits are what keep the lapdog press barking out pro-BushCo propaganda 24/7. The only way to defang the corporate beasts is to cut into their profits, and redirect our funds elsewhere. Here are some ideas from a number of DUers on how to do just that:

* We buy only the necessities for ourselves and put the money saved to use by paying off all credit cards (MBNA is a MAJOR GOP contributor, as are most banks) those without debt could consider worthwhile progressive charities. Saving is more important than ever, since social security will likely disappear.

* We boycott holiday spending, or only buy used/ antique goods as gifts. Handmade gifts or those created by progressive artists and craftsmen are another option, as are donations to charities in loved ones names.

* As for necessities; we buy food from local farmers and grocers, and identify progressive companies for the rest. (A source from thread:(on edit-I can't find the thread listing repug and progressive owned businesses. Please link if you can find it)) we buy secondhand clothing from thrift shops or retailers that contribute heavily to progressive causes and candidates. We enlist the aid of celebrities in making secondhand chic. We identify the least corrupt petrol companies, we by generic drugs instead of name brands, we shop Costco instead of Sams club, etc. We need to know where to buy as much as we need to know where NOT to buy.

* We cancel our cable TV. Yes, this one is tough for some. Consider Netflix instead, or just spend more time on the internet! Theyre cheaper and they dont promote the kind of single minded propaganda you see on television. Besides, most TV series can be rented from Netflix or Blockbuster, commercial free.
On edit: from Liberalmuse:
* Check out dvd's and books from the library instead of purchasing them.

* Boycott many of the large corporate 'entities' that are now dictating national policy and profiteering from war.

* TV is poison. Turn it off. It is an idiot box that will fuck up your mind and priorities in life so that you forget what really matters.

* Start an online purchase and barter/trade system or start online co-ops of sorts that offer us an alternative to giving our money to the corporate slave-masters.

* Recycle everything you can. You will be shocked and disgusted at how much waste you create and it will make you more conscious of your consumer choices.


* We share this idea and our resources with EVERY other Kerry voter we know.

I have always tried to do these things, but found it difficult in the past. Tonight when I went to the grocery, it was easy. I want my country back, so every choice I made was a critical one. I wont have fresh fruits and veggies until the weekend, when the farmers market opens. I can wait. This time its too important to do the right thing. I know Ill pay for it all personally, because I work for a large corporation. I dont care if I lose everything; well lose more if we do nothing!!

There are many threads relating to this issue. Can we gather all these resources together into one thread for everyone to bookmark?

Lets hear your ideas for starving the Beast everyone!
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