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PATRICK Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-05-04 01:03 AM
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123. There is something that can be done
Edited on Fri Nov-05-04 01:04 AM by PATRICK
This is what the Democrats and the ACLU and the LWV and others like them are actually afraid of.

Destroy people's confidence in the vote. A good chunk of people get it already, any of whom demand paper ballots. Using paper ballots more of course, optically scanned and inhibited from recounts by the stolen victory margins themselves(neat) of course slows down elections while crooked states like Georgia rack up the bytes in comfort and confidence and speed. Bush was racking up a lead Kerry never once recovered all night and look at those leading the way.

Start ground circulating a national petition to get rid of the touch screens. This pussyfooting with paper trails is a complex issue bandage that itself can be compromised and not quite a sure thing.

The Democrats fear destroying the myth, the confidence of the conned that brings out the vote we need. Their fear is kind of irrelevant if we show people interested in voting but voting without the machine. It's only a machine!!! Canada may be falling under the spell, but its paper ballot system over a large geographic area was done in less than a day. Time is of no rational consideration and it is enabling fraud that privacy still is. And we still have intimidation anyway but not as much as when the vote was public.

To circulate a petition we need to establish a coalition of bit net organizations like those happy greenhorns at MoveON. Maybe Dean who seemed opening up to the idea can be approached now. Other real integrity groups as well. Some value voter confidence so much this issue is radioactive besides personally embarrassing for their support of the Trojan Voting Miracle.

A recall petition to be voted upon by paper ballots? Sounds silly, but the confidence game can be broken by reverse Ponzi. Destroy the base of legitimacy(already gone in fact) and eat the way to the top> Like a reverse, the way up will be tougher than Ponzi flowing down. it is obvious the normal system of law and election will be great barrier of reality here. And you run out of people who will support this.

Libertarians. Real Conservatives. Greens. Democracy Now stuff(LOL)type web groups. John Stewart if we want not to be so serious we look nutty.

Bev and Eloriel have had trouble communicating the concepts for some time. Besides the mysterious mindset of the self-suiciding DNC types they have made things very easy. The basics are the easiest. Vaporized votes reassembled and recorded through the secret codes of a private company can be pretty clear. People are dumb so much as misdirected. Identify the problem. Tell them what they can do. Get a large group and do it. Include as many large and legitimate groups as possible over a broad political spectrum. Man, if it isn't obvious the Democrat hierarchy are part of the problem by now this should be easier.

How to oppose bad law. HAVA-ing anything to do with touchscreen voting should be petitioned for removal from law. If you want to see what doing nothing gets you see the simplistic sorry picture on it is a summary of electoral extinction for morons. At the end of this horrifying site come the brief praise for the future of ONLINE VOTING, the worst of the worst. You will never even see the voters again! A side effect of safe online voting would be the coincidental control of the Internet itself.

Just DU or any one group doing it is very inadequate at this stage. We need to start with a power base. Even here it is amazing that all the data Bev graced us with just sort of lay there with just some word of mouth while jerky but fantastic efforts were made in states to modify the monster not kill it. If it can't get traction here as a concept for easy fighting, better than our favorite tinfoil stuff and flame wars, there is your problem in the American nutshell.

WE can try to do something. There is no other logical institution left to slam against the idea. Grassroots was slammed by Bush. Grassroots can push through the cracks. The machines are fast. Well, we are fast here too in cyberspace and waiting- we will lose this bastion. You know it or if you need more instigation, consider who is really suffering out there because of these criminals. In fact now our lives depend on it.

Stop making the conundrum into a win/win for Bush. Swallow the dangers of destroying voter confidence and turn it against fraud directly. Confidence does not matter anymore. It does not matter at all except as a threat.
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